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Doing Good Through Business: Mosaic Realty and Devil's Foot Partner in Local Non-Profit Fundraising Series

Elizabeth Putnam Asheville

From its inception, Mosaic Realty has placed a high priority on the community of Asheville, advocating for the vitality of the city and the organizations that support it. To that end, Mosaic is excited to announce the launch of its newest community partnership, Doing Good Through Business. Mosaic is teaming with Devil’s Foot Beverage Company [...]

Neighborhoods With Integrated Nature Trails Abound in Asheville Area

Asheville Area Trails Neighborhoods

Surrounded by the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, N.C., is famed for its easy connection to nature. For many neighborhoods in the region, that translates to integrated trail systems. Everything from HOA-maintained paved greenways to resident-created natural trails through forests can be found in neighborhoods throughout Western [...]

Mosaic's Erin Walton Brings Fresh Enthusiasm to Asheville Real Estate

Erin Walton Asheville Broker

Erin Walton Asheville BrokerMosaic broker Erin Walton approaches real estate with a fresh enthusiasm for Asheville. She’s able to expertly give clients – especially those moving from other parts of the country – the singular support, guidance and perspective that come from being a transplant herself. Erin’s air of adventure and discovery drew her to the mountains of Western North Carolina, and it’s something that strongly informs her approach to real estate – and life – in Asheville. 

Give a little background on your life, both personal and professional. What drew you into real estate?

Born in Texas, I spent most of my childhood there while also moving across the country with my military family. I lived in roughly 15 houses in my childhood, and I can vividly recall the uniqueness of each place my family would end up in. 

I think I was always drawn to real estate but I spent the most of my 20s working in the service industry in Austin, Texas. It was there that I developed a strong work ethic and figured my greatest strengths were connecting with others even if I was only taking care of them for an hour or two. I knew that the interpersonal skills that I was developing would transfer well into other industries, so I explored Marketing and Project Management before ultimately moving to Asheville and starting my career as a Realtor. 

How did you find yourself in Asheville? What do you love about the area? What makes it stand out from other places you’ve lived?

My partner and I had both lived in Texas for years and decided it was time for a change of scenery. We visited Asheville for a long weekend and instantly fell in love. The air is pure and the people are so welcoming. I feel like Asheville is such a hidden gem, and I wanted to spend more time exploring all the beauty this area had to offer. We’ve had no regrets since buying our house sight unseen and making the big move to the area. 

Broker Erin Walton Asheville NCBeing a transplant to Asheville gives you a fresh perspective on the area. How does this inform your approach as a broker?

Being fresh to Asheville inspires me to learn something new every day. I’ve really enjoyed driving around WNC and exploring and supporting the various communities that are outside of Asheville. I’ve always liked traveling, and there’s so much to discover in these mountains. I hope to assist others in finding their peace here. 

What advice would you give to people looking to move to the Asheville area from other parts of the country?

I definitely recommend coming to visit the area with an open mind and willingness to explore. It isn’t hard to find scenery that will take your breath away, or to meet someone who feels like an old friend even though you’ve just met. Talk to the locals and ask what they love about this area. That is the approach that I took when visiting. I remember asking what people liked and disliked about living in Asheville, and the pros greatly outweighed the cons. 

What gives you an edge as a broker in the Asheville real estate market?

I’m excited to add my own twist to the consumer’s experience. I love to laugh and be a goofball, and I believe that buying and selling a home should be a memorable experience (in a good way!). I hope to not only add value to my clients’ real estate transactions, but also leave them with a happy, optimistic attitude throughout the process. 

Learn more about Erin and connect with her here!

Knowledge and Experience Make Mosaic Asheville's Green-Home Specialist

Green Homes Asheville Real Estate

Green Homes Asheville Real EstateInterested in buying or selling a green home in the Asheville area? It’s important to have knowledgeable brokers by your side. Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty can help: With its long history of selling green homes in Asheville, national credentials reflecting deep knowledge of the green market, and local eco-building partnerships, there’s no better agency to guide you on your green journey. 

Why buy or build green?

Green homes are high-efficiency builds with low environmental impact. They are built to be healthier and safer by providing cleaner indoor air. They use less energy and water, leading to monthly savings on utilities. This all means the average upfront costs of building green will be recouped as a homeowner saves money for the duration of the home’s lifespan. Additionally, green-home owners experience increased market value, heralding a higher resale value when the time comes. 

National credentials

Mosaic emerged as an early leader in the Asheville real estate market’s green movement. In fact, founder Mike Figura in 2006 helped spearhead the Eco Agent Certification for Realtors to educate brokers and the public about green building. Today’s Green Designation by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) certification is the gold standard by which Mosaic’s agents operate, staying atop industry trends and adeptly advising clients through the ins and outs of Asheville’s green-home market. 

Extensive experience

A long history of selling green makes Mosaic the go-to agency for clients who want deep knowledge, extensive experience, and trusted advisers on their side. Mosaic’s brokers can guide clients on the many varied facets that go into a green build, the best eco upgrades to a potential property, and how a green home should be marketed.

After years of helping clients to navigate Asheville’s green-build market, Mosaic has honed its online search tools. Clients can visit and click on “Interests & Lifestyles,” then the “Green Homes” link, to easily pinpoint a range of available eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes in Asheville and the surrounding areas.

Local partnerships

Mosaic is proud to have strong green-building collaborations on the local level. Its partnership with Asheville-based nonprofit Green Built Alliance is one such alliance: By teaming with the nonprofit, Mosaic has helped to advance green building, sustainability, and climate justice across the Asheville community.

For more information about green real estate in Asheville or anywhere Western N.C., contact us at, or call us anytime at 828-707-9556.

Learn More: Green Homes Specialty


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