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Blog :: 03-2016

3 Reasons You Should Buy a Home in the West Asheville Neighborhood

West Asheville Neighborhood Tour from Mosaic Realty on Vimeo.

In recent years, the city of Asheville, nestled within a gorgeous setting in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has garnered national acclaim for its hip culture.  Though it is a part of Asheville-proper, the small community of  West Asheville offers its own kind of downtown experience, boasting urban amenities on a small-town scale.  Here are some reasons that you will love the West Asheville Life!


History is Preserved in West Asheville.


West Asheville experienced its first boom period in 1885.  During this time Edwin G. Carrier purchased over 1,000 acres of land which he eventually developed into Haywood Road.  He is also responsible for building a racetrack to entertain his guests near the French Broad River at what is currently Carrier Park.  By 1915, Haywood Road had a variety of community resources to support its 4000 residents.  A trolley system along this cooridor played a large part in this boom.


The most recent boom period for West Asheville began in the 1990s.  Taking advantage of low home prices, young people began restoring the 1920s bungalows and building small businesses in some of the original brick buildings that line Haywood Road. The boom continues to this day, with exciting new businesses revitalizing these structures and making them bright community hubs.


Enjoying the Present is So Easy in West Asheville.


Today's Haywood Road, a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly corridor, provides a way to get what you need by walking or biking to local businesses.  You can meet your foodie needs by visiting a small market, bakeries, a coffee roastery, fine dining, casual dining, a local ice cream shop, a specialty tea house, pubs, and more.  


Among a plethora of other services, you will find bike shops, a beauty salon and a yoga studio, all within a short walk from the charming historic bungalows and new green infill that define this area.  Public gathering places include a library, a community center, and several parks.

West Asheville Neighborhood

The Future is Bright in West Asheville.


The individuals who are drawn to West Asheville are ones who are socially conscious, motivated, and involved.  This is evidenced by the real estate renaissance in this area.  Many people are refurbishing loved historic bungalows, bringing them up to date with efficiency standards.  There is also a vibrant green-building movement taking place in West Asheville.  Companies such as JAG Construction are building homes that are both charming and certified Green Built, Energy Star homes.


Mosaic Realty , focused on urban, historic and green homes in Asheville,  would love to talk to you about your future in Historic West Asheville.


For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.


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Video: produced by Justin Asheville


Sources:  Mountain Xpress


You Can be a Part of this Unique Asheville Re-Pollination Project!


4 x 4 Wild Patch Asheville non-profits


Asheville has a long history of attracting passionate, innovative individuals who seek to change the world for the better.  It is one of the myriad reasons that we, at Mosaic Realty, love Asheville.


4 x 4 for Wild!


One of Asheville's newest non-profits, 4 x 4 for Wild, embraces the concepts of community and connectivity with nature that so many Ashevillians share.  Concerned about the rapid loss of habitat and decline of monarch butterflies and other pollinators, founders Mike and Moni Hill are working to combat the problem on a local level, with plans to expand their reach.  4X4 for Wild is an Asheville-based non-profit with a goal of creating pollinator habitat in lawns across the region.


The Mission:


  • To create habitat for native pollinators by providing affordable and accessible "wild patch" solutions


  • To raise ecological awareness through education and public outreach


  • To change the preferred aesthetic from lawn to wildness

4 x 4 wild patch Asheville real estate


The Process:


The 4x 4 for Wild team is happy to loop you into this project. It takes them 10 minutes to install, and they request only a $10 donation to cover expenses.


The product is a complete wild patch kit, consisting of a biodegradable paper bag (for weed and grass barrier), wood chips/mulch, planting mix, wildflower seeds (including common milkweed for monarch butterflies), stakes and string, and an attractive sign.


The Result:


Your 4x4 wild patch will give pollinators a point of connectivity in their migration path.  It will give your neighborhood a sense of community empowerment as more and more people pull together in this effort. Finally, it will give you 16 square feet of beautiful, wild habitat to enjoy throughout the growing season. Projects like this that make living in Asheville so amazing!


For more information on this grass-roots movement, get in touch wtih Mike and Moni at or


For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at   or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.


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Curb Appeal: 4 Ways to Beautify Before Selling



Curb Appeal Color Selling Adding Color Can Lead Buyers to Your Door

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts.  If you are considering selling your house this year, spring is also the time to renew your home's facade and make it fresh for prospective buyers.   As inventory creeps up and listings are hitting the market, there are ways that you can utilize the color pallette to enhance your curb appeal.  Check out these 4 ways to harness the potential of the color wheel!


1. Freshen up the paint.


For an investment of around $40-$70, the cost of a gallon of no VOC paint, you can enliven key areas of your exterior that are likely to make lasting first impressions.  A lipstick red or patriot blue coat of paint on your front door can create a welcoming yet lively entrance for prospective buyers.  Repainting existing trim or deck rails also demonstrates a commitment to home maintenance that buyers appreciate.



  1. Touch up the yard.



Winter leaves your yard dull, lifeless and littered with plant debris.  Get the most of the first spring rains by laying down grass seed and straw to bring the green back to life.  Provide contrast to the green by spreading a thick layer of fresh, dark mulch.  For a pop of spring color, plants that can be planted in early spring for late spring color in the southeast include pansies, primrose, and colorful evergreen ornamental grasses. Curb appeal selling color



  1. Accessorize with colorful outdoor living accents.



Draw attention to the leisure opportunities in your yard with colorful accent pieces.  A hammock in a vibrant color that is made of durable fabric can highlight the house's atmosphere of relaxation.  Similarly, colorful adirondack chairs placed in a well-landscaped corner of the yard create a peaceful retreat that potential buyers will notice.




  1. Highlight the fixtures that make your house feel homey.




By adding large, colorful or shiny house numbers near your front door, you will make your home's address memorable to potential buyers.  Similarly, a mailbox is often the first structural detail that a homebuyer may notice when pulling up to your curb.  With a clean, colorful and distinctive mailbox  set in a tidy landscaped bed, you can begin to demonstrate the charm that your home has to offer.



For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.



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3 Reasons You Will Love the Astonishing Grove Park Neighborhood

Grove Park Neighborhood Tour from Mosaic Realty on Vimeo.


Just to the northeast of downtown Asheville lies the historic Grove Park Neighborhood.  This early 20th century residential area was planned by developer E. W. Grove (designer of Grove Arcade and Battery Park Hotel).  The stately Grove Park Inn, another of Grove's masterpieces, provides a majestic centerpiece for the neighborhood.


The main artery of the residential area is Kimberly Avenue.  This road boasts stately homes in a variety of architectural styles, including but not limited to Neo-Classical, Tudor Revival, Queen Anne, and Colonial Revival.  Large deciduous trees line the sidewalks. You can stroll down Country Club Road alongside the Grove Park Inn's nationally renowned golf course.  Stone retaining walls and stairs bring a sense of permanence to many of the homes' terraced gardens.


Here are the top 3 reasons you should check out Grove Park Neighborhood:

Grove Park Neighborhood Asheville Real Estate


  1. Richard Sharp Smith's Historical Architecture


Richard Sharp Smith, a nationally-renowned architect, designed several homes and residences with historical importance within this community. They are recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.


  • E. W. Grove's office, at 324 Charlotte Street, was built in 1909. This rock cottage served as his office while he was building the Grove Park Inn and designing the surrounding neighborhood.  

  • St. Mary's Parish, at 337 Charlotte Street, was built in an English cottage style by Smith in 1914.  

  • The William Jennings Bryan House at 107 Evelyn Place and the J.R. Oates House at 90 Gertrude Place are two stunning examples of Smith's residential work.


2.  Outdoor Living


  • E.W. Grove Park was designed in 1909 by Chauncy Beadle, the nurseryman for the Biltmore Estate.  Today, residents of this neighborhood are continuing to work with Biltmore landscape designers to restore the park to its original vision.

  • The Griffing Boulevard Rose Garden is an historic rose garden first created in the 1940s.  Today it has 300 rose bushes, hemlocks and lawn space.

  • Sunset Parkway has a woodland area on its eastern end and a more groomed western end that is partitioned into landscaped rooms.


3.  Gathering Places


As one of Asheville's earlier planned residential neighborhoods, the Grove Park neighborhood is just outside of downtown.  However, it also has its own corridor of commercial offerings along Charlotte Streeet that are walkable from these homes.  


  • For a morning destination, try City Bakery, a family-owned bakery that creates artisan breads and pastries and offers locally roasted organic coffees.


  • Ghan Shan Station, located in a renovated gas station, features East Asian cuisine in a modern, casual setting.  Here you can enjoy a wonderful selection of sake while dining al fresco.  


  • Post-dinner, meander down Charlotte Street to Ultimate Ice Cream to experience a frozen dessert referred to as the "microbrew of ice cream" and created from locally-sourced milk.  


For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at   or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.


Photo and video by: Just in Asheville


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