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Blog :: 05-2016

Asheville's Beaverdam Neighborhood: Serene Rural Living in the City



Beaverdam Neighborhood Tour from Mosaic Realty.

Beaverdam neighborhood, several miles north of downtown Asheville, was one of the first areas to be settled in Buncombe County.  Beaverdam Creek, the main artery flowing through this beautiful valley, is not as strong as it once was, having powered a grist mill in the 1800s.  However, passers-by will notice how the community orients towards the babbling creek.  


Historical Significance


There is some evidence that the Beaverdam Valley and the Swannanoa River Valley were settled before Asheville, with settlers entering the valley through Craven Gap and Bull Creek.  Early family names that you may recognize from other areas of present-day Asheville include the Bairds, Swains, Lanes and Rices.


Grace Episcopal Church, situated on Merrimon Avenue near the entrance to Beaverdam Road, was first built as a log cabin in 1860.  It served as a community hub for early settlers of the valley.  In 1905, it was constructed in its present day design by famous architect Richard Sharp Smith.  


The Lay of the Land


This gorgeous valley, carved out over millions of years by the once-mighty Beaverdam Creek, has gently rolling hills nestled up to the larger ridges of the Blue Ridge Mountains behind them.  The setting is still largely pastoral and bucolic, with many coves and communities of homes.  The winding and climbing Beaverdam Road and Elk Mountain Highway provide the main thoroughfares through the valley.


Architectural Style


Historical farmhouses and even a few remaining log cabins dot the valley and are well worth seeking out and researching the stories behind them.  For example, the 1840s Killian House, located on the left, west of Wild Cherry Road, still stands today.  Newer styles of homes include mid century ranchers, contemporary and traditional styles and GreenBuilt homes.  


Dining and Entertainment


Although the neighborhood itself is largely residences and scenic farmland, it is close to all of the amenities you would need.  Downtown Asheville is merely 4 miles south and the small town of Woodfin is a mile or two up Merrimon Avenue.  Beaver Lake and the Bird Sanctuary provide opportunities for level walking.  Boating, fishing and paddle boarding are also permitted on the lake.


There are many restaurants within a mile of the entrance to Beaverdam Road,  Avenue M, Zen Sushi, Marco's Pizzeria and The Hop Ice Cream among them.  Catch movies at Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company or sip craft brews at Thirsty Monk in Reynolds Mountain Village.


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Resources:  Beaverdam Valley Community Association


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Dave Carey's History of Beaverdam Valley


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Step Up Your Green Home Maintenance Game this Spring


Spring Daisies

As the weather takes a turn for the warmer, many a homeowner begins to contemplate cleaning, decluttering and strategizing toward spring home maintenance.  With some intentionality, you can carry out your spring home maintenance plan with our planet’s health in mind. Take a moment to read this post while relaxing on your front porch, then roll up your sleeves and dig in.  You will reap the rewards of a cleaner, greener and freshly maintained property in a few days of honest work.  Then you will be back to enjoying your front porch with a clean conscience and healthy, efficient home!


Green Home Cleaning


Green home cleaning involves using compounds that are bio-based as opposed to petroleum-based and synthetic.  For example, vinegar and filtered water, scented with essential oils makes a great all-purpose cleaner that is versatile enough to use to clean windows or to mop floors.  Stains may be tackled using baking soda, water and salt.  If you choose to purchase green cleaning products, look for logos by these certifying agencies:


  • USDA Certified Biobased Product

  • GreenSeal Certified


Make sure that your vacuum cleaner uses a HEPA rated filter.  This will help improve your indoor air quality by not allowing residue to cycle back into the room as you vacuum.  Choose microfiber cloths over paper towels.  Microfiber is recyclable and very efficient at picking up dust and not leaving behind residue.


Green Home Contracting


If you are having work done on your home, try to find tradesmen who use recycled materials, methods that save resources and energy, or materials that are better for the environment.  Carpenters, painters, landscapers, energy contractors, plumbers, masons and remodelers can all obtain certifications that help you identify their green home contracting status.  Look for certifications such as these:


  • Certified Green Professional (CGP)

  • LEED Professional Credentials

  • Green Advantage Certified Practitioner (GACP)

Home with Solar Panels

Green Improvements You can Make Now

Replace old windows.  You can significantly lower your energy bills and reduce your consumption of energy simultaneously if you replace your old windows with modern, energy efficient windows.


Install solar panels.  Due to the significant reduction in panel installation costs and energy savings by as much as 80%, the number of households installing solar panels is skyrocketing.  Harness the power of the sun this spring!


Install water-saving measures.  Energy-efficient toilets, rainwater collection barrels, tankless water heaters, and low-flow fixtures are all great ways to reduce your household consumption of water.  According to the EPA, your family could save about 20,000 gallons of water annually by making just a few of these changes.


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Good Times at Montford Music and Art Festival


Montford Festival Stage

For the past 12 years, the Montford community has banded together and put on a memorable Asheville festival experience in the heart of Montford Historic District.  The 13th Annual Montford Music and Arts Festival is almost here!  The festivities will take place Saturday, May 21st from 10 am-7pm on the gorgeous and tree-lined Montford Avenue.  As a bonus incentive to go, all proceeds from the festival go to fund the projects of the Montford Neighborhood Association.  


Festival Performers


As of the publication of this blog post, the performance schedule for Montford Festival has yet to be announced.  Past performers have been mostly locally rooted and of diverse genres.  They have spanned classifications such as bluegrass traditionalists, Buncombe Turnpike to Evergreen Charter School’s EMBE Marimba Band to One Tribe reggae to the Bandana Klezmer Band.  Whatever the festival production staff has planned for us, it is sure to inspire dancing in the streets.


Montford Festival Performer


Art of Asheville

Montford Music and Art festival is a premier opportunity to experience the wealth of artistic talent from a variety of media found in this community.  The festival-goer will be able to peruse the finery of potters, textile artists, jewelers, woodworkers, sculptors, craftsmen, fine artists and even face paint artists.


Other Vendors


Outside of the realm of art, there are opportunities to check out other local businesses.  There will be health and wellness vendors such as essential oil advocates, and chiropractic and massage practitioners.  You can even find craft brewing and gardening vendors.  The festival provides a casual atmosphere to take in the talents of Asheville area craftsmen and practitioners.


Food Truck Heaven


Consistent with a growing trend in the Asheville foodie cosmos, there will be many of the city’s beloved food truck vendors representing at Montford Festival this year.  Doc Brown’s Barbeque and Gypsy Queen Cuisine are among them.  Organic lemonade and sweet treats, festival staples, will also be available.


Historical Architecture


The festivities are not the only reason to come to this celebration.  The setting is magical!  Montford Avenue is lined with spectacular homes largely built around the turn of the 20th century.  You will find a dreamy melange of architectural wonders. Go on an expedition to locate stellar examples of Victorian, Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts, Neoclassical, Colonial Revival and more.  Take a moment to stroll away from the buzz of the festival and take in the eye candy that the Montford neighborhood has to offer.


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Suggested Reading and Sources


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Montford Area Historic District website


Historic Hideaway in the Hub of Asheville: Kenilworth Neighborhood


Kenilworth Neighborhood Tour from Mosaic Realty.


Named after Castle Kenilworth in England, Asheville’s own Kenilworth Neighborhood offers tranquil serenity only minutes from the city’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment.  Nestled between Biltmore Village on the south and downtown Asheville to the north, Kenilworth has long been an prestigious residential district in the Asheville area.


A Brief History of Kenilworth


As holds true of several Asheville neighborhoods, Kenilworth residences emerged around the presence of a large inn.  James Chiles purchased the Patton Farm and subsequently developed The Kenilworth Inn, a large Tudor Revival building  in 1926.  It is now used as an apartment building and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  To provide recreational opportunities for guests, he created the 19 acre Lake Kenilworth.  Nearly one hundred years later, this lake is still providing a peaceful habitat for wildlife and stunning vistas  for residents.


Kenilworth Neighborhood Architecture


Having had its heyday in the 1920s, Kenilworth exhibits styles of architecture characteristic of this time period.  Quaint bungalows are nestled within the mature wooded landscape, and Spanish Colonial Revival, Tudor, and Prairie gems perch atop the gentle hills.  Increasingly, you will find green infill populating the neighborhood and providing a fantastic opportunity for eco-friendly living.


Convenient to Work and Play


Kenilworth Neighborhood is located within a few miles of several of the area’s largest employers.  Many medical industry professionals live in Kenilworth due to its proximity to Mission Hospital.  Being located between Biltmore and downtown, it is also an ideal location for tourism industry professionals.


In addition to  having its own scenic lake, the neighborhood also has its own park. Kenilworth Park, located in the heart of the neighborhood,  has picnic tables and grills, ballfields and courts, and a playground.  Merely a few minute drive away, you will find yourself in the excitement of downtown Asheville or the quaint serenity of Biltmore Village.


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