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Blog :: 02-2020

Mosaic's Support of Pisgah Legal Helps Promote Housing Security in Asheville

Pisgah Legal AshevilleWhy We Support Pisgah Legal

At Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty, supporting area non-profit organizations is an important component of our philosophy. Lifting up the lives of individuals serves to lift up the city as a whole. Mosaic is proud to have given more than $115,000 to 70 non-profit and community organizations in 2019. In addition, representatives of Mosaic regularly volunteer time organizing and assisting these community initiatives. 

Among the organizations Mosaic supports is Pisgah Legal Services. Pisgah Legal provides free legal assistance to people living in poverty throughout Western North Carolina to help them avoid eviction and homelessness, stay safe from domestic violence, access much-needed health insurance and health care, and stabilize their immigration status. 

In 2019, more than 18,800 neighbors from across the region improved their lives with help from Pisgah Legal. With affordable housing an issue in the area, Pisgah Legal believes in intervening to keep people in their homes so they’re not stuck searching for a new home that they can afford. 

Cristin's Story

Asheville Legal HelpTo better understand just how necessary Pisgah Legal’s services, consider the story of Cristin, a single mother raising two daughters while attending school and working. When Cristin’s subsidized rent doubled unexpectedly, her busy life didn’t give her the time to investigate why. She knew that she couldn’t afford the increase without cutting back on food, childcare and other basic needs. She couldn’t find a way to make things work, and her landlord took her to court for non-payment of rent.

Cristin was intimidated and unsure about how to advocate for herself in the courtroom. The judge told her she had 30 days to pay her past-due balance or move out. Pisgah Legal Services attorney Thomas Lodwick was at the courthouse as part of the Tenant Eviction Response Program, which places Pisgah Legal attorneys in the courthouse to assist people facing eviction. This is often the last line of defense against homelessness. Thomas discovered an error in Cristin's rent calculation and negotiated an affordable payment plan for the back rent. Cristin's case was dismissed. She was able to stay in her home, finish her degree and move from part-time to full-time employment.

According to Cristin, “If Thomas wasn’t in that courtroom, I would have lost my home. He really stepped up when I needed the help."

Learn More

Pisgah Legal invites you to visit their website at to donate to the cause, learn more, or sign up for a bi-monthly Justice Matters Tour.

To learn more about how Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty is committed to being the change it seeks, visit

To find out more about Real Estate in Asheville, contact Mosaic Realty owner/broker Mike Figura at, or all him anytime at 828-337-8190.

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These Asheville-Area Spots Offer Peak Sunset Views

Asheville Sunset Views

There’s very little that can visually match Asheville’s stunning sunsets and accompanying color play against a Blue Ridge backdrop. Pretty much any elevated point in the area will afford you some amazing sunset views, but if you’re looking for that guaranteed wow factor, here are the spots to check out.

Grove Park Inn

The famed inn, perched above North Asheville with expansive grounds at its feet, offers a perfect spot to sit back and soak in a broad, unobstructed view of the sunset. Bonus: You can enjoy dinner or cocktails while feasting on nature’s majestic show.

Sunsets in AshevilleDowntown rooftop bars

Downtown Asheville has many rooftop bars and restaurants from which to watch the setting sun, many with outdoor firepits that allow for a year-round experience. Among them are Hemingway’s Cuba and Capella on 9

Max Patch

Max Patch, a bald mountain 48 miles from Asheville on the N.C.-Tenn. border, is a major landmark along the Appalachian Trail. Climbing the moderate two-mile loop will reward you with 360-degree views, including superb sunset (and sunrise) scenery. As with any mountaintop sunset adventure, smartphone flashlights come in handy for the darker descent back to your car, so don’t forget yours!   

Biltmore Estate

There are innumerable spots all over the Biltmore Estate’s 4,000+ acres from which to watch the sun’s display as it sets. Bring a blanket and relax on the sloping lawn adjacent to the home, or visit the estate’s Antler Hill Village for unobstructed sky views from benches and seating areas dotting the grounds. Hike the trails around the house and find a perfectly private spot for some stellar sunset viewing.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The parkway offers plenty of places to stop for a seasonal sunset experience. A favorite is Waterrock Knob (at milepost 451.2) – with panoramic picnic spots near the parking lot, a visitor center and restrooms (all open in season).

Another favorite, Craggy Pinnacle, is a short, 1.4-mile roundtrip hike to the top of a 5,892-foot summit. The hike, which starts at Craggy Gardens visitor center (milepost 364), will take you along beautiful, rhododendron-draped trails, opening up to a 360-degree view.

Roan Mountain

If you’re in the mood to trek, Roan Mountain, located near the N.C.-Tenn. state line, 76 miles from Asheville, provides an abundance of points along its terrain to take in the sunset. The Appalachian Trail winds along the grassy summits of its five-mile ridgetop, which climbs to 6,286 feet, and the mountain offers the largest natural rhododendron garden, as well as the longest stretch of grassy bald in the Appalachian range. Bring a picnic and make a day of hiking and exploring, then top the experience off with a sunset display like no other. 

If you’d like to live close enough to these spots to experience them anytime, or better yet, if you want to find an Asheville home with its own built-in sunset views, please contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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Asheville's a Winner on the Weather Front: Weather Trends in Asheville

Asheville Weather in the Fall

Asheville attracts visitors and transplants for a variety of reasons, one of which is its temperate year-round climate. Never too extreme in any one direction, Asheville weather boasts four distinct seasons, with surprise bursts of warmth in the winter, as well as periodically cool evenings in the middle of summer. 

Spring Weather AshevilleTemperature trends in Asheville

With an elevation of around 2,200 feet, Asheville winters are relatively mild. While the mountain peaks surrounding the city might be snow-capped, downtown Asheville is often shielded from extreme cold. Temperatures in January, the coldest month of the year, average around 47 for the high and 28 for the low. But it’s not unusual to see the mercury reach into the 60s in the wintertime.

Asheville’s crisp falls and springs make these seasons the best times to enjoy outdoor activities. From March to May and September to early November, temperatures range between the upper 50s and the mid-70s – ideal for enjoying a stroll through downtown Asheville in the spring or hiking amid vibrant foliage in the fall. 

During the summer months (June to August), the city sees an increase in humidity. However, it’s still one of the less humid parts of the Southeast, which makes Asheville the perfect regional escape during the dog days of summer. The hottest month of the year – July – sees an average high of 85 and an average low of 65.

Winter Weather in AshevilleThe skinny on snow and rain in Asheville

While Asheville gets about 44 inches of rain per year (compared with the U.S. average of 38 inches), it gets much less snow (10 inches per year) than the national average. Snowfall is greater in the mountains surrounding Asheville, which benefits the ski resorts and snow-tubing runs dotting the range. 

Asheville enjoys about 200 sunny days per year. The wettest month is June, with about 4.7 inches of rain. The driest month, with the lowest rainfall, is October (2.9 inches).

Interested in setting down roots and enjoying Asheville’s weather year-round? Please contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190 to find the perfect property for you.

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Mosaic Offers Window Into Asheville Real Estate With Open House Quick Search

Open Houses in Asheville Real Estate

If you’re in the market to buy (or sell) a home in Asheville, open houses can offer a useful window into the process, allowing you to, quite literally, see what’s out there. 

To this end, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty’s website now provides a direct link to current open houses in the area, perfect for helping buyers to quickly and easily see which properties are open to the public on a given weekend. The search can also benefit sellers, allowing them to feature their scheduled open houses on a high-traffic site, which can potentially translate into high traffic for their viewing.

Quick Search for Asheville Open HousesGet a feel for the property

There are many reasons to attend (or hold) an open house, rather than to strictly peruse listings online. To start, attending an open house can give you a feel for the neighborhood the property is in. Is it quiet? Is it walkable? Is it high-traffic? These are all details you won’t necessarily glean from a computer screen.

Attending an open house can also allow you to see beyond the online photos, which are only highlights of a home. Open houses give you a chance to examine, with a detailed eye, things like closet and cabinet space, and to visualize furniture placement. They can allow you to decide which layouts and amenities you like best.

Meet a Mosaic Realty agent

Asheville NC Public Open HousesIf you’re new to the Asheville area, or don’t yet have a buyer’s agent, checking out the link within the Open Houses quick search that returns results for Mosaic Realty’s own public open houses. Attending one or our open houses will introduce you to potential agents who can aid you in your hunt. Mosaic agents are adept at helping you navigate the home-buying process; attending an exclusive Mosaic open house will introduce you to an insightful agent who, if the open house you’re visiting isn’t an ideal fit, will help to find a property that checks off all the boxes.

Attending an open house and seeing the traffic it generates can give you a gauge on the price: Lots of attendees could indicate a sweet spot regarding price, and if you’re selling, it can let you see how competitively priced your home is.

If you’d like to learn more about open houses in the Asheville area, visit to find current area open houses. You can also go here to view any of Mosaic’s exclusive current open houses. And if you’re ready to buy (or sell) in Asheville, Mosaic has agents who specialize in working with both buyers and sellers.

For more information, contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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