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5 Advantages to Using a Boutique Real Estate Firm in Asheville

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Boutique real estate firms are analogous to a boutique clothing store: you get localized knowledge, great customer service, the teamwork of the whole organization, commitment to community and quality over quantity.  Think Minx Boutique in downtown Asheville versus a department store in the mall.  The experience is unparalleled!

Here we highlight how working with a boutique real estate firm such as Mosaic Realty makes for an efficient and pleasant real estate experience.

Localized Knowledge

AshevilleWhen you decide to buy or sell in a certain area, choosing a real estate firm that specializes in the area in which you are interested is of utmost importance.  Rather than work with a behemoth company that spreads it's agency over a multi-county area, choose a firm with specialized knowledge of the market and neighborhoods in which you are interested.  

Incredible Customer Service

When you walk into a department store, there is not a design specialist there to help you hand-select items that are a great fit for you.  In a boutique company however, the customer service is accessible, tailored, and responsive.  

From the moment that a client calls a boutique real estate firm, the staff and agents are listening to his or her needs.  The result of this listening is to pair you with an agent that will be the best fit for your real estate goals.  But it does not stop there.  From listing your home or touring neighborhoods all the way to the close of the deal, your agent and the staff will keep you top of mind.

Quality Over Quantity

Real EstateBoutique real estate agencies tend to select already successful agents rather than entry level brokers since they have a limited number of openings.  Their level of expertise, efficiency and professionalism is of the highest quality.  The measure of success that many boutique firms is looking for is productive, professional agents and happy customers as opposed to size of the firm.

The Teamwork of the Whole Office

In a large real estate company, there are many automated processes where you get put in the pipeline and passed through many hands. By contrast, your agent at a boutique real estate firm will be there to walk with you every step of the way.  The synergy and collaboration of the small but tightly knit team means that each listed property is given a team approach.

Commitment to Community

Asheville BoutiqueYour community is also the community of the boutique firm.  The agents and business owners live and work in this area, and their business only does well if the health of the community is strong.  They will be committed to fostering a community that is economically vital, welcoming and socially sound.   This often results in strong volunteer and donation programs within these boutique firms.  Supporting a business that gives back is always satisfactory!

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Top 5 Mistakes that First Time Home Buyers Make

First Time Home Owner

Carrie-Welles CravenHere are the top 5 mistakes that first time home buyers make according to Carrie-Welles Craven, one of our fantastic agents who has a special niche in our boutique real estate firm.  Carrie-Welles has been an exclusive buyer's agent for first time home buyers for over 15 years in the rapidly growing market of Asheville, NC.  Check out these 5 common pitfalls that people new to real estate purchases often make.

5.   Many first time home-buyers don't budget for the unexpected costs of home ownership.  They fail to account for  general maintenance and repairs, therefore buying a home that seems like it will be financially doable but becomes an expense when fluid funds are necessary to pay for replacing a furnace or roof.

4.  Often due to a desire for convenience, they often shop online for lenders instead of local lenders.  The customer service aspect is just not there with online lenders.  There are so many forms, and filling them out correctly can be difficult.  If you are a more seasoned real estate investor, the online route may make more sense, but for first-time home buyers, use a local lender.

3.  Many clients entering the market to buy their first home don't get prequalified before falling in love with a property.  This can slow the process of and make them less able to act quickly when they find the right home.

Sales Contract2.   A lack of understanding how to be able to seize opportunities in real estate means many people wait to call a Realtor until they have found a house.  Often, in a fast-moving market, the best deals and homes on the lower end of the price range move quickly due to a lack of affordable housing in many areas.  This means missed opportunities for first time home buyers.

1.   Many first time home buyers select a Realtor that is in the right place at the right time but don’t use an exclusive home buyer agent.  Many realtors spend their time on the seller’s side, thus their expertise lies in this side of the deal.  Benefits to using an exclusive home buyer agent include knowledge of how to get a contract in a seller’s market, receiving education about the home-buying process and having a professional perform market-price comparisons, thus ensuring that you do not overpay for your home.

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A Look at Home Flaws: Cut-Rate Deal or Catastrophe?

Home for Sale

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In the market for a residential property?  Whether you are searching for a primary residence, a second home or an investment, an essential component of home hunting is taking a close look at the flaws of properties.  The flaws that you choose to live with can result in vast differences in the return on your investment.


Here are our expert answers on analyzing home flaws, provided by Mosaic agent John Tyson:


What flaws are acceptable to overlook if you want a good deal on a home?

When shopping for a new or used home, there are many features that might be considered unappealing to many homebuyers, but can often be disguised as a good deal to the savvy buyer.  Don’t be too concerned over funky wall colors, wallpaper, or worn or outdated carpeting.  These are easy fixes and often provide some deep discounts off of list prices. Unappealing or outdated kitchen cabinets can be refinished or repainted. The same goes for outdated light fixtures and window treatments – and anything cosmetically not to your taste. They can be replaced for minimal amounts.

Other features that can be easily remedied would include bathroom grouting, closet doors, and dated/odd color appliances – again not a big expense for replacement or repair. Curb appeal can often be remedied by trimming an overgrown yard or planting an under-planted landscape.

The furnace is sometimes a deal breaker for buyers, but depending on the age of the system and issue at hand, a reputable furnace inspection might reveal a minor repair and not a major replacement cost. It is always suggested to have a home inspection and hire other necessary inspectors when buying a house.

Home Expenses


Which flaws spell disaster and should never be overlooked?

A home search usually depends on priorities such as budget, lifestyle preferences and functionality. If a home meets your criteria, there are some issues with any home that should never be taken lightly when shopping the market, even when looking for a deal.

Take a look at the location and the neighborhood – consider major traffic arteries, schools, neighboring homes, parks, and railroad tracks.  Are they to your liking? Consider the functional use of space and the layout. If the flow is not good, it could become a major task to correct it.

Outdated wiring often requires tearing down walls and can become a major expense. Always be aware of the structural integrity of the house you are looking at. Look for sagging floors, cracked foundations, cracks in the walls, water stains in the basement, mold or mildew odors or a damaged or sagging roof. These items all can be costly to repair. A twenty-year-old furnace may be ready for replacement, which can cost thousands of dollars for replacement and making it fit the existing space and ductwork in the house. It is always suggested to have a home inspection and hire other necessary inspectors when buying a house.


John Tyson's Bio

John has been a real estate investor and landlord for nearly 20 years and a licensed REALTOR® in Florida, Indiana and North Carolina.  His knowledge, expertise and many years of experience in real estate with residential and multi-family homes, condominiums and townhouses give him the skills to help clients reach their goals.  Communication, organization and an eye for details are among his many strengths.

John Tyson


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