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3 Reasons You Should Buy a Home in the West Asheville Neighborhood

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In recent years, the city of Asheville, nestled within a gorgeous setting in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has garnered national acclaim for its hip culture.  Though it is a part of Asheville-proper, the small community of  West Asheville offers its own kind of downtown experience, boasting urban amenities on a small-town scale.  Here are some reasons that you will love the West Asheville Life!


History is Preserved in West Asheville.


West Asheville experienced its first boom period in 1885.  During this time Edwin G. Carrier purchased over 1,000 acres of land which he eventually developed into Haywood Road.  He is also responsible for building a racetrack to entertain his guests near the French Broad River at what is currently Carrier Park.  By 1915, Haywood Road had a variety of community resources to support its 4000 residents.  A trolley system along this cooridor played a large part in this boom.


The most recent boom period for West Asheville began in the 1990s.  Taking advantage of low home prices, young people began restoring the 1920s bungalows and building small businesses in some of the original brick buildings that line Haywood Road. The boom continues to this day, with exciting new businesses revitalizing these structures and making them bright community hubs.


Enjoying the Present is So Easy in West Asheville.


Today's Haywood Road, a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly corridor, provides a way to get what you need by walking or biking to local businesses.  You can meet your foodie needs by visiting a small market, bakeries, a coffee roastery, fine dining, casual dining, a local ice cream shop, a specialty tea house, pubs, and more.  


Among a plethora of other services, you will find bike shops, a beauty salon and a yoga studio, all within a short walk from the charming historic bungalows and new green infill that define this area.  Public gathering places include a library, a community center, and several parks.

West Asheville Neighborhood

The Future is Bright in West Asheville.


The individuals who are drawn to West Asheville are ones who are socially conscious, motivated, and involved.  This is evidenced by the real estate renaissance in this area.  Many people are refurbishing loved historic bungalows, bringing them up to date with efficiency standards.  There is also a vibrant green-building movement taking place in West Asheville.  Companies such as JAG Construction are building homes that are both charming and certified Green Built, Energy Star homes.


Mosaic Realty , focused on urban, historic and green homes in Asheville,  would love to talk to you about your future in Historic West Asheville.


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West Asheville Real Estate : What You Need To Know

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West Asheville Real EstateHistoric West Asheville is quite possibly "the" up and coming neighborhood of Asheville. The popularity and growth of this small town is appealing to independent business owners who to to keep the the "local" spot in Asheville.

As the City of Asheville continues to expand its roots with national brands, many are speculating that West Asheville will be the it spot for local businesses to thrive and continue to keep Asheville weird, as many say. 

West Asheville is filled with restaurants, cafes, night spots, and breweries, even home to  cider companies. West Asheville has become an it spot with its eclectic arts and food destinations. Many homes or bungalows are within walking distance to the main drag where the nights light up. 

Odds Cafe, Universal Joint (UJ), The Hop Ice Cream, are some favorites, however there is much to explore in this town just across the French Broad from downtown, Asheville. 

There are notable private and public schools in the area and Malvern Hills and Historic West Asheville are two popular neighborhoods to search for homes. West Asheville is hip and the up and coming place to be. If you like to be a local and not challenged by the non subdivision style of living, West Asheville might just be the place to call home. 

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