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How do I love West Asheville? Let me count the ways!

west-best-photoHow do I love West Asheville? Let me count the ways! I love West Asheville from Sunny Point to King Daddy's from the West Village Pub to the Brew Pump. As everyone knows, these days there's no lack of food or drink in our "little" part of town. Old favorites like Sunny Point Café still bring droves of people who wait in line for the most amazing local breakfast and foodies from around the country get reservations weeks in advance to enjoy the incredible concoctions dished up the chefs at The Admiral. And all the while we keep adding newcomers like Barleycorn and Buffalo Nickel - just to name a few - who offer great new choices for those looking to enjoy a delicious meal. And equally as exciting are all the great restaurants from around town that are scrambling to open locations on the hot west side as we now have our very own Nine Mile, and the owners of Early Girl opened King Daddy's a delicious spot for chicken and waffles. And where else in town can you sit outside at a bar and have a beer and a snack while you pump your gas? I love West Asheville from Carrier Park to Malvern Hills Park from Villagers to Orbitz DVD. Love to be outside? West Asheville doesn't disappoint. We have greenways and parks, streams and the river all running right in our backyard. There are bike paths, a public pool, and places for your dogs to play. And if shopping is your thing we certainly have local covered. Need supplies for your backyard chickens or to brew your own kombucha? Villagers homesteading shop has everything you need. Looking to add some new vinyl to your collection, check out Harvest Records. Hoping to find that pair of designer jeans but don't want to spend a fortune, Reciprocity has you covered. If there's something you need, you don't have to go far because surely there's a place in West Asheville that sells what you're looking for. And aside from the crazy madness that is Patton Avenue, we tend to keep our shopping options local to keep our money right here in our community. I love West Asheville from Patton Ave to The River Arts District from Chicken Hill to Amboy Road. West Asheville is a changing place. Some of its residents long for the place that used to be known as "Worst Asheville". When young people and artists, and those just getting started could afford to buy or rent a house here and where the creative and musical and young families among us flocked. But while West Asheville is still considered by many to be the most hip, creative, fun part of the city, things have been changing, and they're changing fast. One can hardly drive down Haywood Road each day without noticing a new restaurant, a new store, or an upgrade to an old favorite hangout. And as many people are finding out, the price of real estate to both rent or buy is changing too. Living in the best part of town now comes with a new price tag and even if you have the money to join in the fun, the process of finding that place to hang your hat can often feel like anything but. Many homes for sale in West Asheville get multiple offers the day they go on the market and rents reaching levels the area has never seen before, but a good agent who's on top of our local market can help you face the challenge and win. I love you West Asheville, and I look forward to watching as you continue to change and grow. (Well, maybe not Patton Ave so much.)

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