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Downtown Asheville Real Estate



downtown asheville real estateDowntown Asheville real estate is booming. With construction of several new hotels and parking structures in downtown, there is obvious growth taking place in Asheville and the surrounding areas. The lifestyle of living downtown in this vibrant city is an appeal to many with the numerous shops, restaurants, and activities.


From condo living to walkable neighborhoods such as Montford, Five Points, and Grove Park, downtown Asheville has something for everyone in terms of style. Activities in the city are plentiful throughout the year, including the Downtown Association’s Downtown After 5 live music events that takes place once a month during the summer. (Click here to view the 2015 schedule)


Asheville has also been recognized as a culinary mecca as large or larger than Charleston, South Caroilina. With many James Beard award winners and nominees (James Fleer of Rhubarb, Katie Button of Curate’ and Nightbell) gracing the menus with exquisite dishes, people travel from all over to experience the great food.


“The walkability of downtown Asheville, combined with eclectic shops and fabulous restaurants makes it a desirable and unique destination for the South East, attracting people from more progressive areas of the country who want to live in a setting of natural beauty and creativity.  Needless to say, the downtown Asheville real estate market is bursting at the seams, Mike Figura, Owner Mosaic Realty. 


The activity and feeling of the city is intoxicating! In addition to the variety of restaurants and nightspots, Asheville is known for great beer, evening being named Beer City USA several times. Breweries such as our Biltmore Ave neighbor, Wicked Weed, are making a statement with visitors and local alike. Downtown Asheville is unique, we know. We live, work, and play right here, so ask one of our real estate agents about Downtown Asheville real estate, you will be glad you did.


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    WNC Home Garden & Green Living Show

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    WNC Home Garden & Green Living Show, March 20-22 2015 will be held at the US Cellular Center in downtown, Asheville

    The WNC Home, Garden & Green Living Show will be held this weekend in Asheville, NC on March 20-22, 2015 at the US Cellular Center. Seminars will be held all day Saturday (21s) and Sunday (22nd) in two classrooms. Detailed schedule and times can be found online at . Schedule includes the following topics:

    -   Investing in Solar for Your Home or Business

    -   Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

    -   Green Building Trends

    -   Financing Your New Home or Remodeling Project

    -   Tips on Buying a New Home

    -   Building, Energy and Education

    -   Native Plants Versus All Others

    -   Remodeling: Take the Anxiety and Stress Out

    -   10 Steps to a Successful Kitchen and Bath Remodel

    -   Buying Fresh Produce

    -   Native Plants for the Home Landscape

    -   NC Green Built Program

    -   Don’t Miss Out On Solar Energy Tax Credits

    -   Tree Care 101: Promoting Healthy Trees

    -   Edible Plants In The Home

    Sponsors of the show include Berkshire-Hathaway, Buck Stoves, Earth Fare, HomeSource Design Center, Asheville Radio Group, Independent Asheville Radio (WZGM), Clear Channel, Asheville Citizen-Times and the Western North Carolina Green Building Council

    This is the 40th anniversary of Asheville’s premier home show and will host a myriad of businesses showcasing products for the home, lawn, garden, and healthy living. There will be two full days of seminars held which will include topics such as solar energy, green building trends, remodeling tips, and gardening. To view the full seminar schedule visit the show website at

    BMW of Asheville will have the i3 on display, BMW’s electric vehicle made of 100% recycled materials. In addition, there will be a food drive for Manna Food Bank. All attendees of the show who bring a can of food donation, will receive $1.00 off of entrance admission for the show. Regular admission to the show is $7.00 per adult, $6.00 for seniors and students and can be purchased online at the US Cellular Center website ( or at the box office.

    For more information about the home show visit



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      An Appraisal Riddle Gets Closer to Being Solved : Green Homes


      Green Home AppraisalsOne of the bigger questions currently facing appraisers in the ever-changing landscape of real estate valuation is just how much more, if anything, buyers are willing to pay for homes with "green" features, including energy-saving systems such as solar panels. A new research study sponsored by the Department of Energy may offer appraisers some ammunition in proving there is value added to homes with solar panel systems.

      Appraisers must prove their case to reviewers and underwriters for any adjustment made to a property in an appraisal report. Most often they rely on a basic sales comparison approach: if a home with a pool sold for $10,000 more than three other comparable homes without one, then there is a justifiable price adjustment of $10,000 for a home with a pool.

      But because sustainable features are still relatively new to the market, appraisers have struggled with  a lack of sales data to back up their valuations of homes with such features. The Department of Energy sampled more properties than any previous research on the subject, covering eight states and almost 23,000 homes. The results produced the kind of numbers appraisers have long been seeking to validate their adjustments: homebuyers in the study were willing to pay $15,000 more for a home with an average-sized photovoltaic solar panel system, or roughly an additional $4 per solar watt of power. As the cost of solar panels has dropped over recent years, the number of homes with solar systems has increased to more than half a million nationwide, and Fannie Mae has issued a new guideline urging appraisers to analyze the systems for value. This study and the new guideline will hopefully make a case for further research and increasingly quantifiable results, enabling appraisers to make more accurate valuations of these of these  and many other increasingly popular "green" home features.

      To view a recent article in The New York Times on the subject go to:


      Maggie Marshall

      Broker, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty

      NC Certified Residential Appraiser


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        Sell Your Home By Highlighting Its Strengths : Asheville Homes For Sale

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        Asheville Homes For Sale : Staging Your Asheville HomeYour home is your domain. It knows you, sees you, and shares your secrets. The laundry thrown on the floor, the dirty dishes you did not have time to clean, and the laughter and love that feel your home. When its time to sell, wether you are relocating for a job, upgrading, or downgrading, these tips for staging your Asheville home for sell can help get your home off the market faster.


        1) Make an Entrance - A welcoming entry helps to set the tone for the rest of the house.


        2) Move the Clutter - Your home will be far more inviting, as this home office is, if clutter is out of sight.


        3) Less is More - A clean and uncluttered home invites the potential buyer in. You want the buyer to be able to visualize their personal items in the home. This is no longer about you, it is about them. 


        4) Move Furniture Away From the Walls - Giving your furniture some breathing room makes a room look larger.


        5) Mix Up Your Decor - Grouping a living room chair and a small table in the hallway near a painting creates a gallery effect.


        6) Rediscover Lost Spaces - Turn an unused space into dream space, small study, breakfast nook, or even quaint library.


        7) Let the Sun Shine In - A combination of minimal window treatments lets warm light fill the room. More sunlight will add an allure to potential buyers. 


        8) Add More Light - Just like sunlight - the use of light can help the look of any room. Recessed lighting or mood lighting can assist in selling your Asheville home. 


        9) Add Some Color - If your walls are all off-white, consider adding a splash of color to punctuate a bedroom or living area. 


        10) Paint it Black - Tired table furnishings or hall tables could be painted black could add some contrast and an impact to potential buyers. Or add black framed wall art, or even a black lampshade. The key is to not overdo it, as too much black is a turn off. Simple, subtle, statement black is the key. 


        11) Show Off Your Space With Art - Hang your art at different levels and in different patterns to draw attention to the space. Hang art lower than usual to group with the furniture instead of getting lost. 


        12) Accessories… A Secret Ingredient  - The finishing touch is in the accessories. Group your items in threes, varying the height. Instead of six, use five. The key is to add dimension and odd numbers. 


        13) Fresh Flowers Are A Simple. Nice Touch - Fresh flowers can brighten in room. It adds a feeling of liveliness and cleanliness. Often Asheville is booming with florals outdoors, simply cut fresh flowers and replace every few days as needed. 





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