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Top 10 Features Asheville Home Buyers Want In A Floor Plan


Asheville Home Features 



Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you will make, so you want it to be right. Emotions are easily swayed by the appearance of a kitchen, bathroom, or yard, often making it difficult to look at the big picture of the purchase. There are several things to consider when purchasing your Asheville home, and having a good REALTOR® guiding you though the process can help you make the right decision when is comes to finding the features that are important to you. 


The TOP 10 


  1. Open, Spacious Kitchen
  2. Open Living Space
  3. Outdoor Living Space
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Storage 
  6. Updated Master Bathroom
  7. Laundry Room 
  8. Garage
  9. Bathroom Linen Closet
  10. Exterior Lighting 


Current home trends focus on the kitchen as the center of the home. The kitchen is where many gather with family and friends, and the number one item looked at is the kitchen. Whether buying or selling, it is one of the most important things considered, followed by storage and the master bathroom. Your list may look different, however your home is your sanctuary. Define the features that are most important to you when considering the floor plan of your next home purchase.


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    Bike To The Ballpark


    Asheville Bike to the ParkMosaic Realty presents Bike to the Ballpark - View the map of the ride.

    Mosaic Realty presents Bike to the Ballpark on Sunday, June 14, 2015. 


    Riders will meet at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce on 6/14 and 11:30 am. At noon, the approximate 5.3 mile bike ride from the chamber to McCormick Field will take place. Participation in the event is $12 and includes a ticket to the Tourists game, a hot dog lunch at the Oskar Blues Party Pavilion, your choice of beverage (including Oskar Blues beer), and will benefit Asheville on Bikes. There will be a bike corral to park your bike.

    The Asheville Tourists game starts at 1:00 pm at McCormick Field.

    Don't feel like taking a bike ride? Take the trolley from Oskar Blues Brewery North Carolina in Brevard. 

    Tickets for the event are available at the Oskar Blues Tasty Weasel Taproom or at your local bike shop. 

    For more information, contact





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      Turning Old Charm Into Energy Efficient Living

      Ask about the Mosaic Realty Retrofit Program


      Asheville neighborhoods are filled with charming older homes that are part of this majestic city’s charm. These homes are desirable and tell a story. The key to enhancing the home you have fallen in love with, retrofit to make it more energy efficient. 

      Making your home environmentally friendly is simple and can save you money. The best way to start is with your heating and cooling needs. Simple changes can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you have central heating, central air-conditioning or both, you can install and use a programmable thermostat. This way you control the temperature settings during all hours of the day, and are not spending money to heat or cool your home when you are not there. Energy saving thermostats run about $65. 

      Now, let’s talk about appliances and various fixtures in your home. Purchasing items such as refrigerators, freezers, lighting, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, windows, skylights, computers, roofing products, printers, doors, and televisions, you will want to look for the Energy Star symbol. This symbol represents a seal of approval by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of energy, with a goal to help everyone save money while protecting the environment through energy-efficient products and practices. 

      What can you do today? Change your air filter. This is commonly overlooked. Filters get dusty, dirty, or clogged, making it harder for your system to pull air through. Keeping a fresh filter can keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, and not having to work so hard. It is best to change every 6-8 weeks, we recommend replacing your filter every six months. 

      Add life to your home, appliances, and fixtures by upgrading or changing to make your home more environmentally friendly. Upgrades to consider now or in the future include insulation, double-pane windows, solar panels, and a drought-tolerant garden. Each step we take to turn old charm into better energy efficient living, helps protect the earth and the environment around us. 

      Ask your Asheville REALTOR® from Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty about our Energy Retrofit Program today. 


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        WNCGBC Reaches 1,000 Certified Green Built Homes


        WNCGBC Certified Green Built Homes1,000 Green Built Home located at 87 Fenner Ave, located off of Merrimon Ave in Asheville, North Carolina. 

        Green Built North Carolina, the Western North Carolina Green Building Council’s green home certification program, reached a substantial milestone in April 2015. The program certified it’s 1,000 green built home. 

        The home, located at 87 Fenner Avenue in Asheville, was built by local contractor - JAG & Associates Construction, and listed by Mosaic Realty. This energy efficient home is approximately 2,0000 square feet and includes energy-efficient design with airtight construction, a fresh air ventilation system, water-saving appliances, and low-toxic finishes. 

        Since its grassroots beginnings in the spring of 2000, the Green Building Council has worked to promote and facilitate green construction projects around the region, partnering with contractors to educate the public on the advantages of sustainable, low-impact housing. “As a society, we have the capacity to build homes that are affordable and have minimal impact on the environment,” says Maggie Leslie, the nonprofit’s executive director. “We have the capability to build homes that use zero fossil fuels to operate, capture their own water, treat it on-site and have zero toxic chemicals.” Leslie sees her organization as a driving force in the green-building market that’s helping local communities reconnect with their natural surroundings.

        JAG Construction, which has operated in Asheville and environs since 2003, has built more than 60 certified homes since joining the Green Building Council in 2006, says company founder Jody Guokas, demonstrating a commitment to both energy-saving practices and high-quality craftmanship. Rob Johnson, Operations Manager for JAG, explains that “our focus is not just being a green builder, but using our experience to get other builders to buy in and make green building practices the standard in the industry.” Johnson cites the Fenner property, which he personally oversaw, as an example of the standards they strive for in all their projects.

        Mosaic Realty is a proud member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council, with REALTOR® Mike Figura sitting as treasurer of the board for the WNCGBC. “It is an honor to be a part of the sustainability movement in Asheville and to work with both JAG & Associates Construction and the Western North Carolina Green Building Council to improve and enhance the way we live and build in this community,” said Mike Figura. “Congratulations to the WNCGBC for their milestone success.”

        Read more from the Mountain Xpress Article - click here


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