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Thirty Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale

Planning on selling your home soon?  Staging a home is the preparation of your home prior to selling so that it will be appealing to buyers.  There are a number of things that you can do on a shoestring budget that will greatly improve the presentation of your house to potential buyers.  Accomplishing these tasks will leave you with a great start to packing, a clutter-free abode in anticipation of the move, and a significant return on your investment of time and elbow grease.  Here are 30 tips for staging your home.


Kitchen Home Staging Tips

Kitchen Flowers Staging1. For open shelving and glass shelves, display only a minimal amount of dishware.

2.  Take the time to clean out your pantry. Home buyers will look in there. It is probably a long-overdue chore anyway and will look much neater without old bags of flour.  Food storage containers, neatly stacked, can tidy up the appearance of the pantry.

3.  Make the counters as clutter-free as possible.  If you do not use the espresso maker and coffee grinder daily, go ahead and pack it away in a lower cabinet or storage box.

 4.  Wipe out the inside and outside of appliances.  Appliances are a major selling point and buyers are likely to peek inside of them to check out the condition.

5.  Place a bouquet of flowers on the counter or any dining surface.  Choose ones that do not have too strong of a smell and that add bright color to the room.

Living Room Home Staging Ideas

Living Room Staging6.  Make sure that window treatments are arranged to allow the most possible daylighting in.

7.  Remove personal photos so that a potential buyer can envision him or herself in this home rather than your family.

8.  A few colorful throw pillows and blankets can spruce up worn furniture.

9.  House plants bring the feeling of the outdoors in and add a boost of vibrancy to living areas.

10. Store away magazines, books, notepads and the clutter of everyday life in lidded natural grass baskets on lower shelves of coffee tables or in drawers.

Bathroom Staging Ideas

Bathroom Staging11.  Store away any kind of personal care items (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc.) out of view.

12.  Tidy up bathroom storage in linen closets, medicine chests and vanities by folding linens neatly and storing bathroom supplies in lidded stackable containers or baskets.

13.  Hang fresh towels and place fresh bath mats near the shower.

14.  Have a fresh bar/ container of hand soap available for guest use.

15.  Place a tropical, moisture-loving plant on the vanity or bathroom shelf to add a spa-like feel.

Bedroom Staging Ideas

Bedroom Staging16.  Make sure there is adequate lighting in the bedroom.  Turn on bedside lamps and open window treatments to let in sunlight.

17.  Ample closet storage is a huge selling point. Remove half of your clothes and shoes, packing them away into storage for your impending move.  This will give the feeling of plentiful storage space in your closets.

18.  Place mirrors across from windows to give the illusion of a larger room and to reflect daylight.

19.  Make the sleeping space look very restful with peaceful design elements. A few extra pillows, neatly folded blanket and small bouquet of flowers bedside give a sense of tranquility.

20.  Add a headboard.  This can bring a focal point to the room and make it feel like a fancy hotel.

Basement Staging Ideas

Basement Staging21.  Make sure there is adequate lighting.  Basements are typically dark.  Having a powerful warm light overhead light will give a good first impression when buyers enter.  

22.  Declutter! Anything that you can move into storage in preparation for your move is preferable, especially things you know you won’t need for a few months.  

23.  Create organized storage.  Put your remaining basement items into labeled, stackable bins or in storage containers on shelving.

24.  Highlight potential uses.  If you have a corner of your basement that is used as a workshop, highlight that usage by installing a cork board.  If an area is finished and used as a game room, leave one or two large game features such as a foosball table, but make sure that all else is cleaned up and stored away.

25.  If there are areas that are more livable and less utilitarian, play up that livability by adding some design elements such as area rugs, lamps and a cozy seat.

Yard / Porch Staging Ideas

Front Porch Staging26.  Whether it is through paint or nature, adding color to your yard can make a world of difference.  Here is our blog post about curb appeal through color. 

27.  Add a fresh layer of mulch to all garden beds to make them create a strong contrast with the yard.

28.  Spruce up your mailbox area and make sure that your street numbers are well-displayed since it is literally the first thing potential buyers will see.

29.  Make sure that your porch is clutter-free and clear of debris.

30.  Make sure that your door handle and keyed entry are clean and very functional.  Things that buyers touch make lasting impressions.

A staging consultation is part of our seller services at Mosaic Realty.  We would love to help you determine how to get the most from the sale of your home!

For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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