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Financial Incentives for Energy Improvements

Solar Panels on Home in AshevilleThere are a number of different government- and utility-provided incentive programs available to you to help reduce the costs of making your home more energy-efficient or to help you with the costs of adding renewable energy to your home.  The incentives are usually in the form of tax credits and utility fee rebates.  Click here for a website that serves as a clearinghouse for information regarding these incentives.

There are also special Energy Efficient Mortgages and financing programs provided by banks to help you finance energy improvements.  Ask a Mosaic Realty broker for information about these programs.

Another way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reap the financial benefits is to connect with the Green Gauge program at the WNC Green Building Council. This simple program, open to new and existing homes, assesses how green a home actually is and provides the perfect comparison tool for buyers or sellers of green homes or for homeowners needing recommendations on how to make their homes greener.


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