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Mosaic Realty Employer-Assisted Housing Program

Mosaic Realty Employer Assisted HousingMosaic Realty is partnering with members of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce to make it easier and cheaper for Chamber member’s employees and business owners to purchase homes and to sell homes. 

The program will give buyers and sellers 1% of the purchase or sale price of a home, up to $5000, as a closing credit. 

How does the program work?

Chamber member businesses sign up to be a part of the Mosaic Realty Employer-Assisted Housing Program (sole proprietors are also eligible) 

Chamber members who sign up for the program agree to match Mosaic Realty’s contribution for their qualified employees (applies to business owners as well as employees). Whether or not an employee qualifies is up to the discretion of the employer. Chamber members can use this program as a benefit for employee retention and recruitment.

When someone buys or sells a home through this program - using Mosaic Realty’s experienced brokers to purchase or sell a home - at closing, Mosaic Realty will credit a .5% of the sale price either towards a buyer’s down payment or as a rebate to a seller, up to $2500. This contribution is matched by the employer, totaling up to a $5000 credit.

Employer Assisted Housing Asheville NCWhy This Program?

A stable workforce requires stable housing. And housing in the Asheville area is expensive. As a community partner, Mosaic Realty is committed to the well-being of our community members and to the success of our local entrepreneurs and businesses. Mosaic Realty is built on a triple bottom line principle of People, Planet and Profit. By partnering with Chamber member businesses, Mosaic Realty is able to coordinate with other local business leaders to help alleviate the high cost of housing in our area. This not only helps both chamber businesses and Mosaic Realty, but it helps the people who are the backbone of our businesses and who make up our community.

In Addition….

In addition to the down payment assistance, Mosaic Realty is partnering with other Chamber Members such as lenders, attorneys, home stagers and home inspectors to offer extra discounts to buyers and sellers who use this program. Ask your Mosaic Realty broker for more information about the discounts and services that apply.

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