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About Hart

"All it takes to have a place here is being present and active in this community. I can't imagine anywhere that I would rather call home."

For the past 4 years I worked for a local non-profit in Asheville as a certified housing and credit counselor. Leading the HUD-certified homebuyer education course, I would explain the process to potential homebuyers, helping them understand how to handle each step. In coaching sessions while discussing individual situations, I kept finding myself saying “at this point, you need a real estate agent to help you take the next step of shopping and making offers.” I began imagining myself as that agent who could take the time and have the diligence to help my clients problem-solve and find solutions.

In my coaching & counseling experience I have learned to help clients clarify goals and set about achieving them. I hold a belief that the steps in any process can be just as rewarding as the overall completion and that reaching a goal takes patience and care. Whether buying or selling a house, I believe the most important aspect of a real estate agent’s job is to make sure their clients understand all options and have the information they need to make the best decisions.

I believe true education extends beyond the walls of the classroom and that learning is a lifelong process. I first fell in love with Western North Carolina 10 years ago when I began my college education. I was like a sponge and this mountain community was a pool of exciting learning opportunities. While earning a major in anthropology, I spent over 1,300 hours working in different aspects of community service. Public service is an intimate and rewarding way to engage— meeting people and learning how the community defines itself. I saw some who very easily could have said “I give up, this place isn’t for me”, but most of the folks I met were happy simply being able to call Asheville home. The subtext I hear often is that the greatest gift the Asheville community has to offer is the opportunity to find yourself here.

The more people I meet here in Asheville, the more I see how truly diverse a community we are. The thread I have seen tie us together is this: all it takes to have a place here is being present and active in this community. I can’t imagine anywhere that I would rather call home.

Whether you are selling property or looking to buy, let me help you make that transaction feel as easy as coming home. I can be reached at 828-215-4007 or by email at hart@mymosaicrealty.com