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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I would highly recommend Kelly Cates! If you’re looking for a professional, thorough and caring agent she’s the one for you. My husband and I visited Asheville for a week with no plans of purchasing a house that trip. We met with Kelly just to get some ideas of parts of town to check out for the future. Well, we found a house and ended up purchasing it! We had numerous issues along the way, but with Kelly’s help everything worked out beautifully. I don’t think we could have gone through this process without her! Thank you Kelly for all of your advise and I know others will be as pleased as we were with your expertise.

We met Kelly when we cold-called her office. Dumb luck on our part! We told her we needed info on neighborhoods, not to see houses. She interviewed us, figured out which areas we would likely be most comfortable, and gave us a map. Perfect! She didn’t push or hover, but was very responsive in giving us everything we wanted and needed. The house we bought was not really what we asked her for—but it was precisely what we really wanted! We insisted on exhaustive inspections because the property was complex (and we live 1000+ miles away at this point). She made sure everything was inspected, repaired, and reinspected to confirm that they did things correctly. Her good humor and depth of knowledge made the entire process as easy as it could be. We now consider her a friend, and as soon as we can get our bags packed, we look forward to having her as a neighbor. She is an excellent realtor as well as good person and a great ambassador for Asheville.

Stacey has an uncanny ability to locate the property that will fit your wants and needs. She does this by getting to know you, and really figure out your situation, even if you don't have it entirely figured out. Oddly enough, I think that it is her experience in competitive sport on a national level that gives her this insight--she can work with people to make things happen, she shows grace under pressure, and she understands the game of life on a deep level. She is very communicative and attentive to detail, all the while being one of the most enjoyable, engaging, and honest people you'll ever meet.

Stacey helped us find and close on our dream home out Bull Creek. Her professionalism made the process smooth; her laughter made the process fun!

Stacey helped us find and close on our dream home out Bull Creek. Her professionalism made the process smooth; her laughter made the process fun!

Kathleen was amazing in helping us navigate the market and find our land. She was extremely responsive and a great communicator. Anytime I would text her she would get back to me right away. She stuck with us to the end and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home.

Kathleen is fantastic - super helpful and hands on. Never impatient with amateur questions, especially resources with any sort of assistance. highly recommend.

Carol is a wonderful person, as a realtor and as a friend, she was very easy to work with, never pushing or controlling, very knowledgeable. Carol responds to emails and texts in a very short time and will always answer phone calls. She sold my house in a very short time and the closing went very smoothly because Carol was very helpful. This was the first time for me selling the house and it couldn't have been easier thanks to Carol.

I contacted Carol Marin by phone about a year prior to moving to Asheville. I selected her based on her bio and the excellent reviews from previous customers that were listed on the Mosaic Realty website. For several months she e-mailed me information on various Asheville area homes that gave my life partner and I a good overview of options. However, we chose to rent when we arrived in Asheville in May, 2016. In January, 2017, we decided to buy a home and called Carol. She recalled me immediately! As we had to give notice to end our lease, we were hoping to find a home quickly. She immediately referred us to a mortgage lender, then we met with her, viewed two homes and received an accepted offer on one! Our new home has everything we wanted and the buying process and closing went smoothly! As needed, during the process, Carol professionally communicated with the seller's agent, and the mortgage lender, obtained necessary information, and kept us updated and informed. Carol was very knowledgeable and competent. She knew her field well, shared information at an understandable level, and welcomed questions. We always felt like important clients! We valued Carol's integrity, trustworthiness, genuineness, honesty, and kindness, and highly recommend her!

We cannot say enough about Carol's expertise as our agent. She addressed all our questions and concerns promptly and went above and beyond the typical expectations of a realtor. Her quiet understated manner helped us stay calm through negotiations as well as two hurricanes. She communicated with us almost daily. She truly wanted to help us find the right home for us. We feel that we not only found our dream home but a dear friend in Carol.

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