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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Mike Figura with Mosaic Realty is an energetic, involved, helpful and innovative agent with new and lucrative ideas. A joy to work with! He even gets along with a grumpy old man who gets too excited sometimes. And he cares about the environment. His marketing techniques produced results even in this difficult market.
I had tried working with several realtors before we met Mike, who immediately struck me as straightforward and honest. He really listened. He never tried to sell us something. After he helped us find a home, he was a clever negotiator. We were happy to have Mike on our side, and enjoyed working with him. I’ve already recommended him to several others, and will continue to do so!
I highly recommend Mike Figura as a real estate agent. He is professional and personable which made my experience with him outstanding. I felt like we were working together throughout the entire process. His communication was always positive, clear, and concise. Mike is a man of integrity and it shows in the way he handles business matters. I really appreciate him as a person and real estate agent. Thank you, Mike. I truly appreciate you!
Michael Figura was our real estate buyer broker when we bought our condo in West Asheville - Gaia Village. He was very responsive to all our questions and kept us informed at every stage of the construction process. He is a very creative and honest person who cares deeply about green building and community living.
My wife, Jessica, and I moved from the D.C. area 2 years ago and had no knowledge of the Asheville Real Estate market. Mike helped to shepherd us through the process of looking at every area of Asheville and deciding on West Asheville, a builder, and our home. Mike's experience in development, knowledge of Asheville and Green construction, as well as communication skills helped to not only make the process possible, but enjoyable as well. I'd be happy to refer any of my friends or family to Mike and his company.
Mike is the by far the best agent I've ever worked with. A number of things stand out--his high ethical standards, his ability to listen to your requirements, his knowledge of the local area and culture, and the amount of research he does on your behalf. He is very knowledgeable about real estate and probably paid for himself many times over in money he saved me and also in the time he saved me. I don't think he showed me a house that was not aligned with the requirements I'd given him. He also has a way of drawing additional information out of you so that he can fine-tune the search radius for properties. He is a pleasure to be around, and he observes subtle social cues: if you need some quiet time during part of the house hunt, he doesn't talk constantly. He returns calls and emails without fail, and is entirely reliable. Once you've worked with Mike, it would be hard to work with another agent. He was the first person I called when I was ready for my next transaction.
Mike helped us buy a home this October and is currently in the process of selling our old home. Given an unusual list of wants and a tight budget, Mike helped us buy the perfect house for us and got us a fantastic price. He is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and a pleasure to work with. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for real estate in Asheville.
I can't recommend Mike highly enough. I've bought a number of homes over my years and though most of my realtors have been nice, and many have worked with me on my terms, Mike went above and beyond to really listen to us, get to know us and help us find an amazing house that we LOVE! He even handled a situation where my husband and I didn't quite see eye-to-eye on what we were looking for with ease. He talked to us both, listened and gave us excellent advice about what he thought would work best for us and satisfy both our goals...and he was right...we couldn't be happier. We ended up building a house and he worked with us and our builder (which he helped us find) to ensure that the house had all the elements we were looking for and at a fair price. You will be very happy working with Mike...he really is amazing and clearly loves his job!
Mike was a fantastic realtor from start to finish. The fact that he has a lot of knowledge and experience with construction and green building was a big plus. We had a very hard to find set of criteria and Mike was extremely helpful in focusing our search, and then - Eureka! - after we found what we wanted he helped us do expert due-diligence, and he negotiated a great purchase price, and advised us on our extensive renovation plans.
I HIGHLY recommend working with Mike. After some not-so-great experiences with realtors, we tried to sell our house ourselves for several months, and I finally realized the benefits of having an agent. Within a month, Mike sold our house at a price we were very happy with. And throughout the process, he was always helpful, kind, and efficient. He's very professional, he knows green building, and he knows how to negotiate on your behalf. I planning on working with him in the future, and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in our area. You couldn't do any better.
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