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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Mike Figura is the most professional, knowledgable, and thoughtful real estate person you can imagine.  During our Montford home sale, he was incredibly detailed, responsive and available.  An experienced negotiator, he held ground for us and brought in an excellent price.  Across the entire selling experience, Mike expertly and reliably dealt with all our large and small financial and practical concerns.  This guy is your dream real estate man.

Nancy was on the other end of a random Zillow request of mine, I could not be happier to have met her. The process of buying a home was a new experience for me and I was especially nervous to do it on my own. From day one, Nancy was beyond helpful, patient, reassuring and an absolute joy to work with. I could not say enough to justify how wonderful she is! 100% would recommend her to anyone.

I recently moved from Germany and I was very fortunate to have Anthony Thomas as my realtor from Mosaic when buying my first house in the US.
Anthony patiently accompanied me through every stage of the process, proving to be highly reliable, knowledgeable, competent and efficient. Whenever I showed interest in a house listed for sale, he immediately arranged viewing appointments. Before showing me the property, he had already  educated himself and me with details that allowed for an informed and thorough inspection. Once I chose a house to purchase, Anthony organized all the professional companies during due diligence procedures, accompanied the inspectors and compiled the information for my easy analysis of the features of the house.

Anthony's guidance and review through the entire process was highly professional. I not only appreciated his competence, I also enjoyed his company, as he has a very pleasant personality .  If I ever buy another house, Anthony Thomas will be my realtor of choice.

Anthony Thomas served as my agent to purchase a house as an investment property in the Asheville market. Anthony constantly went the extra mile to help me find a house that met my requirements.  Moreover, he directed me through every step of the way: viewing houses, negotiating an excellent price, arranging and attending all the inspections, and closing the sale with the attorney. He was pleasant and professional, making what could have been a difficult process, an enjoyable experience! I highly recommend Anthony Thomas, who is a real estate agent at Mosaic Realty.

When it comes to selling your home everybody has a goal, a plan, or a mission...If you are smart enough you try to find a realtor like Nancy who understands the plan, works to accomplish your goal, and makes it her mission to make your experience as pleasant as possible. How was our experience pleasant? She was personable while examining the property, thorough in establishing the marketing tools, and diligent in staying it touch with us on any activity. Thank you, Nancy! Mosaic and Asheville are fortunate to have you...

If you are looking to purchase a home in Asheville, I highly recommend Kathleen as a realtor.  My husband and I have bought and sold houses before, but we were not prepared for the competitive market in and around the Asheville area.  It’s not enough to have a realtor who is nice and friendly and  shows you lots of houses.  It is important that your realtor has experience  in the area where you are looking to buy, and that they know what they are doing.  A good realtor will go the extra mile to get the best value for their clients.  Kathleen is that person.  She advised us not only on the amenities of the houses and neighborhoods we were looking at, but also of buying strategies to consider and pitfalls to avoid.  We looked at a lot of homes before finding the one we purchased.  As a matter of fact we decided not to see it but  Kathleen encouraged us.  We're so glad she did.  We are now very happy in our new home, and thankful that Kathleen helped us with the entire process.  If/when we ever decide to buy again, we are definitely going with Kathleen.

Kathleen helped me in my process of deciding whether to sell my house and searching for another. She provided loads of information, particularly contact info for service folk to help with my house repairs and inspection, meeting me twice at home and immediately providing access to listings so I could investigate places to move. Though I ultimately decided not to sell, she impressed me enough with her professionalism that I will look for her to help with any of my future real estate needs.

As a single woman and first time home-buyer, as well as a debt-phobe, I had a lot of anxiety around the prospect of purchasing my first home. In fact I found the idea so overwhelming that while I was longing to be settled in my own home, I put it off for three years. Then a friend at a similar crossroads in her life recommended Kelly to me after Kelly helped her buy her first home. Kelly excels at getting to know her clients' personalities, needs, and idiosyncracies, so she can guide them toward the best possible choice and make the process as painless as possible. I am someone who agonizes over decisions, and can't believe my house-hunt was over in 2 weeks. In fact, from the time Kelly first started sending me listings, to the day I closed on my first home with keys in hand, took less than a month. I told Kelly it felt like she was a midwife to my home-buying process, holding my hand at all the right moments, and keeping my needs front and center when I veered off track, lured by a lower price or a pretty view in an area that ultimately would have left me feeling overly isolated. I absolutely love my new home, my neighborhood, and I can't recommend Kelly enough. I can't imagine having gone through this process without her kindness, patience, and tremendous expertise.

Kelly was excellent. She was incredibly responsive and made me the focus of her attention from the moment we met until she found me my dream home. I highly recommend her!

I highly recommend Nancy Horowitz as an agent! Nancy’s high level of professionalism, knowledge, communication, and service has exceeded our expectations as a purchaser. As we are making the move from Australia to Asheville, Nancy has been so helpful in our gaining understanding of the Asheville region and market. We feel so confident about our move and we haven’t even arrived there yet! She is always available for any questions or concerns and she is making this transition period for us as seamless and efficient as possible. We highly recommend her as an agent! 

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