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Historic Homes in the Asheville Area

The Asheville area is famed for beautiful architecture comprising historic homes, art deco buildings and neighborhoods that are on the National Registry of Historic Places. In the late 19th century, George Vanderbilt brought artisans and designers to create the Biltmore Estate; many of them stayed, and as Asheville’s beauty and fame as a vacation and healing destination spread, even more designers and craftsmen of world-renowned came to the Blue Ridge Mountains and created the picturesque city we have today. Mosaic has agents who are well-educated in historic properties and understand the special architectural nuances of buildings from varied eras. For sellers, we know that marketing a historic home starts with telling its story, but equally important, preparing buyers to expect and understand quirks specific to historic-home inspections is paramount to a smooth closing.

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Buying & Selling with Mosaic

Your HistoricHome Experts

If you’re in the market for a historic home, Mosaic’s real estate professionals can help you to better understand and appreciate the unique attributes of these residences - such as heart pine flooring and handcrafted woodwork - as well as their structure, systems, and maintenance. Our extensive relationship with inspectors and contractors who specialize in historic properties means we can help to facilitate a thorough and proper inspection of such a home. Our experienced agents have seen numerous old-home inspection reports and can guide you in understanding some of the defects of a home prior to getting it under contract.

Historic Homes

If you’re selling your historic homes, we will thoroughly research your property, telling your home’s story in a way that best highlights its attributes and features.  We will also help you select the right buyer for your home. We know from experience that not every buyer can appreciate a historic property. Unless you have the rare historic homes that has been completely remodeled, understanding the patina and defects that come with a home’s age is important, and we know that a buyer who expects new-home quality in a historic building is something to be cautious about.  

When you’re ready to buy or sell a historic homes, it’s important to work with knowledgeable brokers. Contact Mosaic Realty so that we can connect you with the right broker for you.


Historic Listings

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