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Buying or Sellinga Green Home in the Asheville Area

As the popularity of green homes continues to grow in the Asheville area, it’s important to have knowledgeable brokers by your side to help you navigate the market. Mosaic has green-building specialists who are fully equipped to assist you in buying or selling your green home. Mosaic’s real estate professionals have worked with leading green builders to help advance sustainable homes in our area, and they have helped hundreds of eco-minded buyers find the green home of their dreams.

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A pioneer in

Asheville’s sustainability movement

An early leader in the Asheville real estate market’s green movement, Mosaic founder Mike Figura in 2006 helped to organize and create the Eco Agent Certification, a local green building certification for Realtors to educate brokers and the public about green building. That certification was a precursor to today’s Green Designation by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Green Homes

NAR’s Green certification is an in-depth course that includes a comprehensive understanding of how green homes are built and how they should be marketed differently than traditional homes. The course also teaches ways to better communicate with clients about different facets of green homes. Acquiring such certifications allows Mosaic’s brokers to stay atop changing trends in the ever-evolving green-building industry.

Mosaic’s agents also pursue local training through the Land of the Sky Association of Realtors and the Green Built Alliance. Green Built Alliance is an Asheville-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in the building industry, and it is at the forefront of carrying out community education along with measurable standards and green home certifications. Mosaic is a proud sponsor of the Green Built Alliance.


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