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Asheville’s impressive real estate growth in the past few years has translated into impressive investment opportunities. If you’re looking to dive into the area’s investment real estate market, Mosaic’s agents can help to optimally position you for the greatest return on your investment. Xxx of our agents carry the Real Estate Investing certification bestowed by the National Association of Realtors.

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Asheville’s real estate market continues to boom, with no signs of slowing. With a decade of appreciating home values and a strong demand for living in this area, purchasing an investment property in Asheville has proven to be a strong strategy. And that’s where Mosaic’s knowledgeable agents can help.


NAR’s Real Estate Investing certification gives our brokers the background necessary to expertly guide investors through Asheville’s market, providing insight into the intricacies of setting up real estate investment trusts, profitability of particular investments, and other key tools. Mosaic’s agents understand the pros and cons of various investment opportunities; they can help you calculate returns on investment and perform income analysis, as well as offer practical insight into professional property management, cash flow, operating income and more.


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