Incentives for Building Green Grow in Asheville

Asheville Green Building

Looking for ways to bolster your finances in light of our ever-changing world events? As a homeowner, you can take advantage of a variety of local and federal incentives and rebates available for building green and implementing sustainability in Asheville.

The City of Asheville Sustainability Office recently rolled out residential building permit fee rebates for single-family homes to support sustainability. Measures such as Green Built certification, solar photovoltaic systems, and tree protection will net homeowners a range of rebates. Information on all sustainability fee rebates can be found at the City of Asheville website

Green Building Incentives AshevilleElectric and gas discounts and rebates 

Duke Energy is offering Asheville area homeowners incentives to implement green upgrades. Its Smart Saver program provides rebates for such actions as attic insulation and air sealing, duct repair and replacement, and heat pump water heater installation. Energy Star-labeled homes receive a discount on electric rates after the first 350 kWh used per month. Visit the Duke Energy website to learn more.

PSNC Energy offers incentives for green upgrades as well. Replacing gas furnaces and water heaters with high-efficiency versions will net homeowners $150 per appliance upgrade.

Incentives for installing renewable energy

North Carolina allows cities and counties to offer low-interest loans for solar panels and other energy upgrades Learn more about these loans here. Federal incentives include a 30% tax credit with no caps; details found here. And through NC Green Power, a per-kWh rate is paid to homeowners for electricity generated from a renewable energy source. Morei information is available at this website. For a database of all renewable and efficiency incentives by state, visit

Green Building IncentivesCommercial cost-cutting

Business owners in Asheville can also qualify for rebates and incentives when they implement energy-efficient measures. Duke Energy offers a Small Business Energy Saver program, which pays up to 80% of energy-efficiency improvements such as LEDS and lighting controls, HVAC and refrigeration. Duke Energy also provides up to 14% off your bill if you take part in its Demand Response Automation, in which you use less energy during peak demand periods. (The program also helps you create a plan of action to take during these peak periods.)

For additional information on tax discounts and other programs to positively impact your wallet while at the same time aiding the environment, go to Green Built Alliance’s comprehensive compilation.  

Mosaic Realty is proud to be a member and supporter of Green Built Alliance and thankful for the important green building resources that they provide.


Mosaic Safely Adjusts to Meet Real Estate Needs During ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe' Mandate

As Asheville and Buncombe County adjust to the mandated “Stay Home, Stay Safe” directive (effective until April 9, unless otherwise amended), you may be wondering how to (or even if) you can successfully navigate the real estate market as a buyer or seller. Mosaic Realty has quickly calibrated operations to conform to the changing climate, for the safety of our clients, our agents and our community, while at the same time continuing to make the experience as smooth and successful as possible. Here’s what you can expect when working with us:

Virtual Showing AshevilleIf you’re in the market to buy a property in Asheville:

  • Virtual showings will be used whenever possible and can happen with livestream services such as Zoom and Face Time.
  • Your Mosaic agent will continue to send you listings as usual, and you can let them know which ones pique your interest.
  • After letting your agent know which properties you’d like to “see,” he or she will send you any video walkthroughs that aren’t attached to the listing (agents are still working to get these done for all area properties) of those properties, along with floor plans and any other pertinent info that will help you to best experience the properties.
  • You can do a drive-by of homes you are interested in.
  • Virtual showings are happening via Zoom/Face Time live-stream videos.  These are either given by the seller or the listing agent when the seller can't provide the walkthrough
  • Once you have a property under contract, you can come inside during the inspection.

Asheville Virtual Real EstateWhat you should expect once a deal is in place:

  • Once you are under contract, we can get a home inspector in to do a general home inspection of the property, radon test and the like. Inspectors are asking that they be unaccompanied, but they can do a video call walkthrough to point out concerns with you and your agent once they are done.
  • Mosaic can execute all contract elements electronically, including signatures.
  • Your loan will most likely take longer to process; we will speak to your lender for definitive information on this.
  • It is advisable to ask for an extended due diligence period to accommodate the longer loan-processing time (length of due diligence will be primarily driven by what your lender says). A longer DD period will also allow for the possibility that the situation may improve enough to let you view the home in person before the expiration of DD or, at least, before closing.

Virtual Real Estate AshevilleIf you’re in the market to sell your Asheville property:

  • A Mosaic agent can list your property now and visit it in person, but will ask that you leave the home during the visit. You and your agent can have a conversation about the house outside of the home.
  • There can be no in-person showings to buyers or buyers’ agents.
  • Once you have a signed listing contract with Mosaic, your agent can have a photographer, videographer and floor plan/measuring consultant come to the property and take photos, record a video walkthrough, and create a floor plan of the property to market it in the MLS. You will be asked to leave the house while those service providers are inside.
  • Buyers' agents will show the property to their clients via listing agent-provided video walkthroughs, photos and floor plans.
  • If you are technically proficient, you may be asked to provide a live video walkthrough for serious buyers and their agents.
  • Once we receive an offer, Mosaic will negotiate and execute contracts just as we always have, via email, phone calls and electronic signatures.
  • Once the property is under contract, the buyer can come inside the home during the inspection.
  • Mosaic will make every effort to curb viral exposure within your home. These efforts will include: leaving all lights on and interior doors open, so there’s no need for unnecessary handling of knobs and switches; and placing small notes around your home reminding visitors not to touch surfaces unnecessarily.

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Mortgage and Rental Relief in the Face of COVID-19

Help for Renters Asheville CoronavirusA note from Mike Figura, Mosaic Realty Owner and Broker:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its spread across the country, many are facing hardships meeting mortgage and rent payments.  The federal government is enacting up to 12 months of mortgage forbearance for borrowers who have Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or other government-backed loans, which are the majority of residential loans.  The federal government is also encouraging other mortgage service providers and lenders to implement forbearance programs of their own. 

Landlords whose mortgages are guaranteed by these federal loan agencies can also obtain mortgage forbearance if their tenants cannot pay their rent, giving landlords a chance to help their tenants in the form of rent reduction.  Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty has worked with Marshall, Roth and Gregory, P.C. to come up with a generic rent modification form to temporarily reduce rent (click here to download form).

FAQs about Mortgage Forbearance

How can I find out who services my loan?

Visit the Making Home Affordable website for links to instantly find out if Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae service your loan.

What if my loan is not backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?

If your loan is not backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, call your mortgage service provider or lender. Their contact information should be on your most recent mortgage statement. Lenders from all sectors, residential and commercial, are currently providing various forms of forbearance.  

What is mortgage forbearance?

A mortgage forbearance agreement is an agreement made between a mortgage lender and a borrower in which the lender agrees not to foreclose, and the borrower agrees to a mortgage plan that differs from the original repayment plan. Forms of forbearance range from a temporary halt in mortgage payments (ex. no payments for 90 days) to loan modifications (ex. interest-only loans, lower interest rates, etc).

What does mortgage forbearance look like?

The steps for applying for mortgage forbearance vary by lender. Borrowers should contact their lenders for specific information. You need to sign paperwork with your lender before you are allowed to stop paying your mortgage. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and most lenders are expediting the process and requiring minimal paperwork. 

For more information about how mortgage forbearance terms are changing and how you should continue to check back with your lender, read this article from NPR

Does mortgage forbearance impact my credit?

Mortgage forbearance usually has little to no impact on your credit.  

“Generally, forbearance is not likely to have any impact on the credit score,” says Ethan Dornhelm, a FICO senior director of model development. According to the National Association of REALTORS, lenders may (or may not) report to credit companies the existence of a mortgage forbearance, but it definitely does not wreck your credit like being delinquent on a mortgage.

While Mosaic Realty cannot commit to mortgage forbearance not impacting your credit, it is our opinion that in the face of COVID-19, it is unlikely that mortgage forbearance will impact your credit, as under normal circumstances it usually has no impact.

Where do renters fit in?

Renters aren’t directly covered though the Federal Housing Financial Agency (FHFA) plans, although FHFA is offering mortgage relief to the owners of apartment buildings who are struggling when their tenants can’t afford to pay their rent.

At the state level, North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley has ordered that eviction and foreclosure hearings be postponed 30 days until April 17. 

If you are facing eviction, contact your attorney or Pisgah Legal Services.

Help available via landlords

Landlords can take advantage of mortgage forbearance programs that are available to them and pass along relief to their tenants.  We encourage landlords to check in with their tenants to see how they are doing and to take advantage of mortgage forbearance programs when needing to reduce their tenant’s rent.  This is especially important in a rent-burdened community like Western North Carolina. Tenants and landlords can elect to use this form, created by Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty and Marshall, Roth and Gregory, P.C., to help make temporary rental contract adjustments for residential and commercial property. 

Download: Agreement to Amend Residential Rental Contract or Commercial Lease Agreement (“COVID-19 Amendment”) 

Sources and Further Reading:

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Mosaic Realty Helping to Keep the Real Estate Market Safe, Functional and Informed

At Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty, we are committed to helping our clients conduct real estate transactions safely. This is especially true as we monitor the ongoing COVID-19 developments. Our COVID-19 policies are structured to help provide safety while also facilitating the real estate transaction process. Our goal is to promote a stable marketplace and a safe and smooth experience.

Safety Mosaic Realty AshevillePrograms to Help Struggling Homeowners

Mortgage relief options are available to homeowners affected by coronavirus safety measures. See this article from our blog below for more information. Mosaic Realty will keep you updated with the latest programs to help you manage your housing expenses.

Proactive agents

Implementing recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Buncombe County Health Department, Mosaic has asked its agents to take added precautions when interacting within the company and with clients to keep the community healthy.  Mosaic’s offices will be sanitized on a regular basis. Our office is still open, but we are requesting that our agents and clients limit visits to the office on an as-needed basis. Agents are required to stay at home if they’re feeling ill. Company-wide meetings will be held virtually. Taking these steps will ensure a healthier staff and minimal disruptions so we can continue to focus on helping you find success in your real estate journey. 

Clean Safe Real Estate AshevilleAgent interaction with clients will also adapt to the circumstances. Agents will encourage clients to ride in separate vehicles. They will have sanitizers and wipes on hand to clean surfaces touched during a showing. Technology will play a bigger part in the process. Clients will have the ability to video conference with their agents. We encourage clients to allow us to live-stream showings if they are not comfortable going to the house in person. Clients will be able to electronically sign necessary documents whenever possible. 

Secure in selling or buying

If you’re planning to sell your property, Mosaic will make every effort to curb viral exposure within your home. These efforts will include: leaving all lights on and interior doors open, so there’s no need for unnecessary handling of knobs and switches; and placing small notes around your home reminding visitors not to touch surfaces unnecessarily.  We will not be conducting public open houses or broker open houses at this time, but in lieu of that we will be providing a video walkthrough for potential buyers to explore listings remotely before they enter your home.

Impact of COVID-19 on real estate in Asheville

Clean Safe Real Estate Asheville BuncombeAs of March 15, real estate in Buncombe County is seeing an unexpected impact from COVID-19.  Low interest rates are bringing buyers to the market, but some sellers are choosing to delay listing their homes.  Due to that, we have a lack of inventory on the market, with two months’ supply in Asheville and less than three months’ worth in Buncombe County.  A balanced market has six months of inventory. Less than six months of inventory is considered a seller’s market. Buyers are still looking, buyer leads are coming into our office daily, and bidding wars are happening due to the lack of supply.  

Coordinating a response within the Asheville/Buncombe real estate industry

Mosaic Realty believes that it is time to set competition aside and work together within the industry to establish best-practices that all agents in Western North Carolina follow. As such, we are working with the Land of Sky Association of Realtors, other real estate companies, attorneys’ offices and service providers to establish widely adopted policies.  Our policies are subject to change as industry standards become adopted.

It’s important during this time to stay well-informed and adequately prepared by accessing accurate COVID-19 information and updates. The CDC has set up a site specific to COVID-19 (, offering up-to-date information at the world and national levels; Buncombe County has made information on the local level available at

With an eye on the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, Mosaic will continue to make the safety of our clients and community a top priority. For further information please contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

Resource: Buncombe County Emergency Services Covid 19 Preparedness




Asheville Partnership Provides Early Education and Enrichment Guidance

Buncombe Partnership for Children Childcare

Childcare, youth activities, kindergarten: The educational and enrichment options available to parents of young children can feel overwhelming. Buncombe Partnership for Children offers parents in Asheville guidance and a range of resources to help them make the best decisions for their family as they embark on their educational journey. Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty is proud to help build up area families by supporting this invaluable initiative. 

Asheville Buncombe PreschoolsWhat is Buncombe Partnership for Children?

The group partners with local organizations to provide programs that improve the quality of early childhood education, increase access to affordable, high-quality early care, expand early literacy opportunities, and provide family support. The partnership’s vision is that every child in the Asheville community will reach his or her fullest potential and be prepared for lifelong success.

Asheville/ Buncombe County Childcare

Finding the right childcare program can be daunting; the partnership points parents in the direction of helpful resources, such as Mountain Child Care Connections, a regional call center providing families with free, confidential information about quality child care to meet their individual needs. Another resource is the Division of Child Development & Early Education, which offers guides and a database for parents to easily research area childcare centers. Buncombe Partnership also offers a map of childcare centers in the county so parents can gauge proximity to home or work.

Play & Learn groups

Buncombe Partnership also works with Kaleidoscope Play & Learn groups, which are free adult-child groups for families of children 3 months to 5 years old. Activities include singing songs, stories, art, outdoor play, puppet shows and crafts. Children must reside in Buncombe County and not be in enrolled in licensed childcare. Registration is ongoing, but is required before attending and begins immediately.

Asheville Buncombe ChildcarePre-kindergarten

Buncombe Partnership for Children administers the North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten Program  (NC Pre-K) in Asheville. NC Pre-K is a state-funded, free, high-quality early care and education program that aims to enhance children’s school readiness. The program is offered for 6.5 hours a day for 10 months; programs are located in public schools, private childcare programs, and Head Start. 

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read program provides free books to children 6 months to 5 years at all well child doctor’s office visits. The medical practitioners have a chance to observe the child’s interest in and approach to the book, which helps them note development stages. Doctors also advise families on how best to introduce books and build a love of reading. Reach Out and Read’s partnership with Buncombe Partnership for Children has helped to bring the total number of area children served to 1,600 annually.

Asheville Adventure Play

The partnership has been working with community volunteers to provide untraditional play opportunities, hosting pop-up adventure playgrounds around Buncombe County. Its newest collaboration will bring pop-ups to Buncombe County Sports Park throughout the summer.

Kindergarten preparedness

To help your child get ready for making the transition to kindergarten, the partnership recommends you do a number of things before the first day. Talk with your child about their new school. What are they looking forward to?  What are they wondering about? Find books at the library about getting ready for school to read to your child. Practice getting ready. Take a trip to their new school. Even seeing the school from the outside can help your child feel more prepared.

For more information on early education and enrichment in Asheville, visit

To learn more about Asheville area Real Estate, contact Mosaic Realty owner/broker Mike Figura at or call him anytime at 828-337-8190.

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Appalachian Offsets Program Aids Asheville Community, and Planet

Cut My Carbon Program Asheville

Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty is proud to join the movement toward a healthier planet by supporting green initiatives around Asheville. One of those initiatives is Appalachian Offsets, an organization that offers carbon offsets to fund projects that cut carbon-dioxide pollution.

What are carbon offsets?

Green Building AshevilleCarbon offsets are pollution equivalents that can be purchased to help pay for a renewable energy project, an energy-efficiency upgrade, or the like. So, for example, if you bought three tons of carbon offsets, that money would go to fund a project that either reduces carbon-dioxide production by three tons, or removes three tons of carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon offsetting is a long-lasting tool that aids the environment as well as the community.

An initiative from the Green Built Alliance, Appalachian Offsets allows Asheville residents and businesses to offset their carbon footprint while at the same time helping local schools, non-profits, and other area organizations. A few simple steps will get you there: first, calculate your carbon footprint, then make a (tax-deductible) donation to Appalachian Offsets to offset your footprint, at a rate of $20 per ton. The funds are then matched with a local school, non-profit, or other community organization to pay for an energy-efficiency project. Projects spearheaded by Appalachian Offsets include energy-efficiency lighting retrofits, water-conservation upgrades and solar-energy installations. The organization is also exploring local tree-planting projects. 

Appalachian Offsets is a group effort

Appalachian Offsets Asheville“Appalachian Offsets offers individuals the ability to simply offset their personal carbon footprint and also encourages local businesses to offset the footprint of their entire operations or a portion, with options to contribute either by making an annual lump sum or dividing it into more manageable recurring monthly payments,” said Green Built Alliance Community Engagement Director Cari Barcas. 

“We are extremely grateful to our generous business supporters, including AB Tech, Deltec Homes, Deutsch & Gottschalk Attorneys at Law, Joel Adams and Associates Investor Advisors, LaZoom, Mosaic Realty, Samsel Architects, SouthWings, Trillium Family Medicine, and Vandemusser Design for offsetting their footprints through Appalachian Offsets,” continued Barcas. “We invite the whole community to visit our website to learn about your personal or professional carbon footprint and offset options through our individual and business carbon calculators.”

For more information on Appalachian Offsets, and to calculate your carbon footprint, go to To learn more about how Mosaic helps to build and support the Asheville community through green initiatives and beyond, visit

 To learn about Real Estate in the Asheville area, contact Mosaic Realty owner Mike Figura at, or call him anytime at 828-337-8190.

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Mosaic's Support of Pisgah Legal Helps Promote Housing Security in Asheville

Pisgah Legal AshevilleWhy We Support Pisgah Legal

At Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty, supporting area non-profit organizations is an important component of our philosophy. Lifting up the lives of individuals serves to lift up the city as a whole. Mosaic is proud to have given more than $115,000 to 70 non-profit and community organizations in 2019. In addition, representatives of Mosaic regularly volunteer time organizing and assisting these community initiatives. 

Among the organizations Mosaic supports is Pisgah Legal Services. Pisgah Legal provides free legal assistance to people living in poverty throughout Western North Carolina to help them avoid eviction and homelessness, stay safe from domestic violence, access much-needed health insurance and health care, and stabilize their immigration status. 

In 2019, more than 18,800 neighbors from across the region improved their lives with help from Pisgah Legal. With affordable housing an issue in the area, Pisgah Legal believes in intervening to keep people in their homes so they’re not stuck searching for a new home that they can afford. 

Cristin's Story

Asheville Legal HelpTo better understand just how necessary Pisgah Legal’s services, consider the story of Cristin, a single mother raising two daughters while attending school and working. When Cristin’s subsidized rent doubled unexpectedly, her busy life didn’t give her the time to investigate why. She knew that she couldn’t afford the increase without cutting back on food, childcare and other basic needs. She couldn’t find a way to make things work, and her landlord took her to court for non-payment of rent.

Cristin was intimidated and unsure about how to advocate for herself in the courtroom. The judge told her she had 30 days to pay her past-due balance or move out. Pisgah Legal Services attorney Thomas Lodwick was at the courthouse as part of the Tenant Eviction Response Program, which places Pisgah Legal attorneys in the courthouse to assist people facing eviction. This is often the last line of defense against homelessness. Thomas discovered an error in Cristin's rent calculation and negotiated an affordable payment plan for the back rent. Cristin's case was dismissed. She was able to stay in her home, finish her degree and move from part-time to full-time employment.

According to Cristin, “If Thomas wasn’t in that courtroom, I would have lost my home. He really stepped up when I needed the help."

Learn More

Pisgah Legal invites you to visit their website at to donate to the cause, learn more, or sign up for a bi-monthly Justice Matters Tour.

To learn more about how Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty is committed to being the change it seeks, visit

To find out more about Real Estate in Asheville, contact Mosaic Realty owner/broker Mike Figura at, or all him anytime at 828-337-8190.

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These Asheville-Area Spots Offer Peak Sunset Views

Asheville Sunset Views

There’s very little that can visually match Asheville’s stunning sunsets and accompanying color play against a Blue Ridge backdrop. Pretty much any elevated point in the area will afford you some amazing sunset views, but if you’re looking for that guaranteed wow factor, here are the spots to check out.

Grove Park Inn

The famed inn, perched above North Asheville with expansive grounds at its feet, offers a perfect spot to sit back and soak in a broad, unobstructed view of the sunset. Bonus: You can enjoy dinner or cocktails while feasting on nature’s majestic show.

Sunsets in AshevilleDowntown rooftop bars

Downtown Asheville has many rooftop bars and restaurants from which to watch the setting sun, many with outdoor firepits that allow for a year-round experience. Among them are Hemingway’s Cuba and Capella on 9

Max Patch

Max Patch, a bald mountain 48 miles from Asheville on the N.C.-Tenn. border, is a major landmark along the Appalachian Trail. Climbing the moderate two-mile loop will reward you with 360-degree views, including superb sunset (and sunrise) scenery. As with any mountaintop sunset adventure, smartphone flashlights come in handy for the darker descent back to your car, so don’t forget yours!   

Biltmore Estate

There are innumerable spots all over the Biltmore Estate’s 4,000+ acres from which to watch the sun’s display as it sets. Bring a blanket and relax on the sloping lawn adjacent to the home, or visit the estate’s Antler Hill Village for unobstructed sky views from benches and seating areas dotting the grounds. Hike the trails around the house and find a perfectly private spot for some stellar sunset viewing.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The parkway offers plenty of places to stop for a seasonal sunset experience. A favorite is Waterrock Knob (at milepost 451.2) – with panoramic picnic spots near the parking lot, a visitor center and restrooms (all open in season).

Another favorite, Craggy Pinnacle, is a short, 1.4-mile roundtrip hike to the top of a 5,892-foot summit. The hike, which starts at Craggy Gardens visitor center (milepost 364), will take you along beautiful, rhododendron-draped trails, opening up to a 360-degree view.

Roan Mountain

If you’re in the mood to trek, Roan Mountain, located near the N.C.-Tenn. state line, 76 miles from Asheville, provides an abundance of points along its terrain to take in the sunset. The Appalachian Trail winds along the grassy summits of its five-mile ridgetop, which climbs to 6,286 feet, and the mountain offers the largest natural rhododendron garden, as well as the longest stretch of grassy bald in the Appalachian range. Bring a picnic and make a day of hiking and exploring, then top the experience off with a sunset display like no other. 

If you’d like to live close enough to these spots to experience them anytime, or better yet, if you want to find an Asheville home with its own built-in sunset views, please contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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Asheville's a Winner on the Weather Front: Weather Trends in Asheville

Asheville Weather in the Fall

Asheville attracts visitors and transplants for a variety of reasons, one of which is its temperate year-round climate. Never too extreme in any one direction, Asheville weather boasts four distinct seasons, with surprise bursts of warmth in the winter, as well as periodically cool evenings in the middle of summer. 

Spring Weather AshevilleTemperature trends in Asheville

With an elevation of around 2,200 feet, Asheville winters are relatively mild. While the mountain peaks surrounding the city might be snow-capped, downtown Asheville is often shielded from extreme cold. Temperatures in January, the coldest month of the year, average around 47 for the high and 28 for the low. But it’s not unusual to see the mercury reach into the 60s in the wintertime.

Asheville’s crisp falls and springs make these seasons the best times to enjoy outdoor activities. From March to May and September to early November, temperatures range between the upper 50s and the mid-70s – ideal for enjoying a stroll through downtown Asheville in the spring or hiking amid vibrant foliage in the fall. 

During the summer months (June to August), the city sees an increase in humidity. However, it’s still one of the less humid parts of the Southeast, which makes Asheville the perfect regional escape during the dog days of summer. The hottest month of the year – July – sees an average high of 85 and an average low of 65.

Winter Weather in AshevilleThe skinny on snow and rain in Asheville

While Asheville gets about 44 inches of rain per year (compared with the U.S. average of 38 inches), it gets much less snow (10 inches per year) than the national average. Snowfall is greater in the mountains surrounding Asheville, which benefits the ski resorts and snow-tubing runs dotting the range. 

Asheville enjoys about 200 sunny days per year. The wettest month is June, with about 4.7 inches of rain. The driest month, with the lowest rainfall, is October (2.9 inches).

Interested in setting down roots and enjoying Asheville’s weather year-round? Please contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190 to find the perfect property for you.

Learn More: About Asheville

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Mosaic Offers Window Into Asheville Real Estate With Open House Quick Search

Open Houses in Asheville Real Estate

If you’re in the market to buy (or sell) a home in Asheville, open houses can offer a useful window into the process, allowing you to, quite literally, see what’s out there. 

To this end, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty’s website now provides a direct link to current open houses in the area, perfect for helping buyers to quickly and easily see which properties are open to the public on a given weekend. The search can also benefit sellers, allowing them to feature their scheduled open houses on a high-traffic site, which can potentially translate into high traffic for their viewing.

Quick Search for Asheville Open HousesGet a feel for the property

There are many reasons to attend (or hold) an open house, rather than to strictly peruse listings online. To start, attending an open house can give you a feel for the neighborhood the property is in. Is it quiet? Is it walkable? Is it high-traffic? These are all details you won’t necessarily glean from a computer screen.

Attending an open house can also allow you to see beyond the online photos, which are only highlights of a home. Open houses give you a chance to examine, with a detailed eye, things like closet and cabinet space, and to visualize furniture placement. They can allow you to decide which layouts and amenities you like best.

Meet a Mosaic Realty agent

Asheville NC Public Open HousesIf you’re new to the Asheville area, or don’t yet have a buyer’s agent, checking out the link within the Open Houses quick search that returns results for Mosaic Realty’s own public open houses. Attending one or our open houses will introduce you to potential agents who can aid you in your hunt. Mosaic agents are adept at helping you navigate the home-buying process; attending an exclusive Mosaic open house will introduce you to an insightful agent who, if the open house you’re visiting isn’t an ideal fit, will help to find a property that checks off all the boxes.

Attending an open house and seeing the traffic it generates can give you a gauge on the price: Lots of attendees could indicate a sweet spot regarding price, and if you’re selling, it can let you see how competitively priced your home is.

If you’d like to learn more about open houses in the Asheville area, visit to find current area open houses. You can also go here to view any of Mosaic’s exclusive current open houses. And if you’re ready to buy (or sell) in Asheville, Mosaic has agents who specialize in working with both buyers and sellers.

For more information, contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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