Neighborhood Familiarization Tour

Not sure which area in Asheville suits you best? Our Asheville Neighborhoods Familiarization tours are for home buyers who are new to town and would like to get a lay of the land before deciding on where to buy. We will customize a tour for each person/household, starting either over the phone or in person at a local coffee shop. The goal of that meeting is for you to talk with a real estate broker about who you are and what kind of lifestyle you are looking for in Asheville. That Realtor then drives you around the neighborhoods that he/she thinks you’ll like while also pointing out the areas that would not fit your needs. The Realtor will tell you about home prices in each neighborhood and show you homes in each area that you are interested in. We offer this service free of charge to qualified home buyers. Each tour is led by a licensed real estate broker and is a great way to get started looking for homes!

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