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Real Estate Broker | Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty

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60 Biltmore Avenue #210
Asheville, NC 28801

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About Chris

 "I will use all my tools to help you attain your real estate dreams."

I’ve lived in Asheville since 2001, and in those years, I’ve gotten to know and truly connect with this vibrant city and the people who live in it. My background in residential and commercial carpentry and design has afforded me many opportunities to work with homeowners and business owners alike. It’s this experience of learning to listen and understand their design desires that now informs my attentive approach as a real estate broker. Your buying and selling needs will always be my top priority.

I have lived in West Asheville since 2003; I’ve been both witness to and participant in its amazing revitalization. Helping to design and build the Haywood Road restaurants WALK and Pizza Mind, which my wife Jenna co-owns, are just two of the many projects I have been involved with over the years. The working relationships my wife and I have formed have allowed us as a family to become deeply rooted in the West Asheville community. In 2016, after having our first child, we bought a JAG-built home in West Asheville with the help of a Mosaic buyers’ agent. This experience left such a positive impression that I made the decision to get my real estate license, secure in the knowledge that I could provide others with the same enjoyable experience we had. I knew that I wanted to join Mosaic, with its strong connection to the people of Asheville, so similar to my own. 

With a relaxed yet professional approach, I offer my clients determined, knowledgeable service; at the end of the day, your happiness is my goal. So whether you’re in the market to buy or to sell, please contact me at or call me at 828-242-9775. I will use all my tools to help you attain your real estate dreams.