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West Asheville Real Estate

It is no secret that Asheville is hitting high marks. Restaurants, breweries, the great outdoors, and more are driving its ranks in top ten polls. This vibrant, vintage southern city offers desirable neighborhoods, and is ideal for first time home buyers, luxury home buyers, and those looking for investment opportunities. Living in Asheville is desirable for many, and West Asheville tops the list of places to buy a home. People like West Asheville because it is a community oriented neighborhood that offers walkability to stores and restaurants. The hip vibe adds culture and depth, and West Asheville thrives on creativity and the outdoors.  

Haywood Road is the heart of this area, and the main commercial corrider. Back in the 1920’s, when West Asheville was first developed, there was a trolley that ran between Haywood Road and downtown Asheville (only 2 miles away). Today the trolley is gone, however buses and bikers use the same route to go downtown. The period brick storefront buidlings on Haywood Road are filled with eclectic restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more, making a walk here, fun. A large residential neighborhood borders both sides of Haywood Road. Most of the homes are positioned on small, urban lots and were built in the 1920's and reflect the Arts and Crafts style. Newer, green-built homes are interspersed in between the older bungalows on infill lots.

With new growth all around Asheville, the local real estate market is hitting new highs. The 3rd quarter of 2015 had the highest median sales price and number of homes sold on record in Asheville. (Source: Mosaic Community LIfestyle Realty). Local economists forecast more growth because homes are selling as fast as they go on the market, and inventory is extremely low. Vacant land in West Asheville is scarce, and what is available is being purchased by green builders who are building homes in the $300,00's to $400,00's.

Thinking about buying a home or property in Asheville or West Asheville? It is best to understand the market and the neighborhoods first. The internet is a great resource for information, but a good real estate agent will be a huge help in finding the right property.


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