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Remaking a West Asheville block

mardisbuilding16 New development around Russ Towers' business has spurred development inside his shop. Second Gear, an outdoor consignment shop, has seen record-setting sales in the past three months, since he's welcomed new neighbors King Daddy's Chicken & Waffle and a clothing store, Rhetorical Factory, in the Mardis Building at 444 Haywood Road. "Our sales have climbed consistently through the years," said Towers, who owns the newly renovated Depression-era building with father-and-son team, Sam Walker and Austin Walker. "May, June and July have all been record setting months -- we were up this July 35 percent over last July."

The shop's success in its 10th year of business is "a combination of things," he noted, but he partly credits "other businesses who are bringing in new traffic" and the renovations inside the shop, which has "created a better flow."...more

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Originally published in Citizen Times by Carol Motsinger,

Photo: Robert Bradley,

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