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Rent To Own A Home In Asheville North Carolina : 7 EASY STEPS

rent to own a home in asheville north carolinaThe process of acquiring a home may seem scary, however many people rent a home in Asheville would really prefer to own. In addition to building and increased home over the years, owning offers more freedom to define what their home will be like and where it will be.  Asheville renters should know that home prices are slowly going up as the economy continues to recover and a delay in buying an Asheville home may cost them money.


Here are the 6 steps in finding a Rent to Own A Home in Asheville for those looking to purchase their first home in 2015:


1) Analyze what you like and dislike about your current living situation so that you’ll see more clearly your top priorities for the new place.


2) Don’t let applying for a mortgage cause you to panic.  If you have a steady job and good credit, it’s usually a ”done deal”.  The current rate (February, 2015) for a 30 year fixed mortgage is 3.8%. At this rate the payment for a $175,000 loan, including real estate tax and mortgage insurance, is $985.00 per month.  Isn’t that less than what you are paying in rent?*


3) Find out how home ownership will impact your federal tax bill each year.  What you save in $ to Uncle Sam may surprise you.


4) If you have flawed credit, face it squarely and work with a lender who will help you to iron out your credit problems.


5) WORK WITH AN EXPERIENCED AGENT who can help you through all the choices that you will have to make including the property itself, mortgage lender, attorney, professional inspector, etc.


6) Play with your own numbers at


7) Check out this list of affordable homes in your neighborhood and call us if you would like to see any of them!



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    1. James rice on

      Looking for a rent to own or call or first time home buyers for less than perfect credit
      • Jo Ann Fondren on

        Something I can afford on disability
        • Amanda Cox on

          I would like to be a home owner. But I have poor credit. Is there any suggestions you could make? It would be cheaper and I would feel better not wasting money on something I don't own
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