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Sell Your Home By Highlighting Its Strengths : Asheville Homes For Sale

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Asheville Homes For Sale : Staging Your Asheville HomeYour home is your domain. It knows you, sees you, and shares your secrets. The laundry thrown on the floor, the dirty dishes you did not have time to clean, and the laughter and love that feel your home. When its time to sell, wether you are relocating for a job, upgrading, or downgrading, these tips for staging your Asheville home for sell can help get your home off the market faster.


1) Make an Entrance - A welcoming entry helps to set the tone for the rest of the house.


2) Move the Clutter - Your home will be far more inviting, as this home office is, if clutter is out of sight.


3) Less is More - A clean and uncluttered home invites the potential buyer in. You want the buyer to be able to visualize their personal items in the home. This is no longer about you, it is about them. 


4) Move Furniture Away From the Walls - Giving your furniture some breathing room makes a room look larger.


5) Mix Up Your Decor - Grouping a living room chair and a small table in the hallway near a painting creates a gallery effect.


6) Rediscover Lost Spaces - Turn an unused space into dream space, small study, breakfast nook, or even quaint library.


7) Let the Sun Shine In - A combination of minimal window treatments lets warm light fill the room. More sunlight will add an allure to potential buyers. 


8) Add More Light - Just like sunlight - the use of light can help the look of any room. Recessed lighting or mood lighting can assist in selling your Asheville home. 


9) Add Some Color - If your walls are all off-white, consider adding a splash of color to punctuate a bedroom or living area. 


10) Paint it Black - Tired table furnishings or hall tables could be painted black could add some contrast and an impact to potential buyers. Or add black framed wall art, or even a black lampshade. The key is to not overdo it, as too much black is a turn off. Simple, subtle, statement black is the key. 


11) Show Off Your Space With Art - Hang your art at different levels and in different patterns to draw attention to the space. Hang art lower than usual to group with the furniture instead of getting lost. 


12) Accessories… A Secret Ingredient  - The finishing touch is in the accessories. Group your items in threes, varying the height. Instead of six, use five. The key is to add dimension and odd numbers. 


13) Fresh Flowers Are A Simple. Nice Touch - Fresh flowers can brighten in room. It adds a feeling of liveliness and cleanliness. Often Asheville is booming with florals outdoors, simply cut fresh flowers and replace every few days as needed. 




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