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Turning Old Charm Into Energy Efficient Living

Ask about the Mosaic Realty Retrofit Program


Asheville neighborhoods are filled with charming older homes that are part of this majestic city’s charm. These homes are desirable and tell a story. The key to enhancing the home you have fallen in love with, retrofit to make it more energy efficient. 

Making your home environmentally friendly is simple and can save you money. The best way to start is with your heating and cooling needs. Simple changes can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you have central heating, central air-conditioning or both, you can install and use a programmable thermostat. This way you control the temperature settings during all hours of the day, and are not spending money to heat or cool your home when you are not there. Energy saving thermostats run about $65. 

Now, let’s talk about appliances and various fixtures in your home. Purchasing items such as refrigerators, freezers, lighting, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, windows, skylights, computers, roofing products, printers, doors, and televisions, you will want to look for the Energy Star symbol. This symbol represents a seal of approval by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of energy, with a goal to help everyone save money while protecting the environment through energy-efficient products and practices. 

What can you do today? Change your air filter. This is commonly overlooked. Filters get dusty, dirty, or clogged, making it harder for your system to pull air through. Keeping a fresh filter can keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, and not having to work so hard. It is best to change every 6-8 weeks, we recommend replacing your filter every six months. 

Add life to your home, appliances, and fixtures by upgrading or changing to make your home more environmentally friendly. Upgrades to consider now or in the future include insulation, double-pane windows, solar panels, and a drought-tolerant garden. Each step we take to turn old charm into better energy efficient living, helps protect the earth and the environment around us. 

Ask your Asheville REALTOR® from Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty about our Energy Retrofit Program today. 

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