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5 Tips For Relocating To Asheville


Relocating to AshevilleAsheville is a great town! We live here and work here, so we know why you may be choosing to relocate to the coolest mountain town in Western North Carolina. Before you move here, we recommend considering the following:


1)  Location. Location. Location - Asheville has pockets of different neighborhoods, each having their own unique style and flare. It is important to know what you are looking for and the proximity to grocery stores, downtown, or schools. Work with a knowledageble relocation specialist to understand the areas in and around Asheville to find the spot that suits your needs. 

2)  Transportation - Are you moving from a city that has mass transit trains or subways?  Consider the type of transportation you require while living in Asheville. There is a pubilc bus system, however most people in and around Asheville own a car. If you choose to live in the country, you will need your own transportation. 


3)  Weather- We may be biased, but we love the weather here. The summer weather in Asheville is simply amazing. You will find people floating down the river on a weekly basis, and average temperature in the 80’s. Fall is stunning. The colors of the leaves on the trees is simply breathtaking. Winter is typically mild. There may be some snow, but it melts within 2-24 hours typically. Spring is fresh and sunny and as everything comes back to life, temps average in the 50’s. 


4)  Lifestyle - What is your lifestyle? Do you want to leave your front door and be mountain biking within a moment, or do you want to be at a brewery or restaurant that is five minutes from home. Whether you have a bike, you like to walk or run, or you know you need access to convenience, the lifestyle you desire needs to be considered when you are looking at relocating to Asheville. 


5)  What To Wear - This city has a little bit of everything. You will see everything from professionals in the city to flip flops and shorts and everything in between. Asheville has a sense of laid back. We are not New York paced, but we are not a beachtown. Asheville offers something for everyone, so don’t worry about what to wear! Wear your smile and love life and you will fit right in. People in Asheville are happy!



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