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17 Falll Home Maintenance Tips

17 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

With sightings of red and yellow leaves adorning downtown trees, fall is on the way here in Asheville, North Carolina. September and October are some of the most beautiful months in Western North Carolina. With the intoxicating weather and many outdoor festivals to enjoy, we often forget to do some fall home maintenance heading into winter. Here is a reminder checklist to prepare your Asheville home for winter’s worst. 


  1. Clean your gutters 
  2. Inspect your roof for damage or leaks 
  3. Seal cracks around doors and windows (Consider caulking all windows)
  4. Get your furnace serviced
  5. Change your air filters
  6. Prune your plants 
  7. Look up chimney for blockages
  8. Direct drainage away from your house to avoid leaks or flooding 
  9. Drain and turn off sprinkler system
  10. Clean Your Yard Equipment (Don’t forget drain fuel from mowers, leaf blowers, and chain saws)
  11. Remove garden hoses from outdoor faucets when freezing temperatures arrive
  12. Check foundation for cracks
  13. Check for peeling paint
  14. Ready the Fireplace
  15. Reverse the Ceiling Fan (It creates an upward draft that redistributes warm air from the ceiling)
  16. Cover Air Conditioners
  17. Prepare deck and outdoor furniture for winter.

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