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The Do and Do Nots of Household Recycling




The buzzword “green” is everywhere! Go green can mean so many things, however this post is all about recycling. The cans and the cant’s. We’ve got a list for all the items in your household, so you know where to place the item! For example, did you know that pet food bags are not recyclable? Search below for what you can and cannot put into the blue bin! 

Recycling No-Brainers

(You’ll find few, if any, limitations for the below.)


With the notable exception of Pyrex, all glass containers can be recycled.


Water Bottles

Laundry Detergent Bottles

Household Cleaner Bottles

Bleach Bottles

Dish Soap Bottles

Soda & Juice Bottles

Mouthwash Bottles

Peanut Butter Containers

Salad Dressing Bottles

Vegetable Oil Bottles

Milk Jugs

Butter & Yogurt Tubs

Cereal Box Bags

Deodorant Containers

VHS & Cassette Tapes (take the film out)

Dry Cleaning Bags (many facilities are now accepting hangers as well)



Computer Paper

Lined Paper

Construction Paper

Greeting Cards




Phone Books

Sticky Notes

Paper Cups & Unused Paper Plates




Cereal Boxes

Shoe & Gift Boxes

Toothpaste Boxes

Cardboard Tubes

File Folders

Pizza Boxes (cannot be greasy)


(Check your local facility’s rules about crushing cans–some prefer that you do, others prefer you don’t.)

Aluminum Cans

Tin Cans

Bottle Caps

Tin Foil (clean)


Not Recyclable

Styrofoam To-Go Containers (there are some advanced recycling centers that can take styrofoam, but few and far between)

Used Disposable Plates & Cups

Meat Trays

Take-Out Containers

CD Cases



Blueprint Paper

Cigarette Boxes

Waxed Paper

Laminated Paper

Pet Food Bags


Heat-Resistant Glass (like Pyrex)

Metal Caps & Lids

Spray Tops From Cleaning Bottles

Padded Mailing Envelopes



Egg Cartons*

Brown Paper Bags*

Shredded Paper*


Paper Towels (as long as not coated in cleaning chemicals)

Wooden Chop Sticks

Grass Clippings

Dry Leaves

Green Leaves

Tea Leaves & Bags

Cofee Grounds & Filters

Fruit & Vegetable Scraps

Plant Prunings

Crushed Eggshells

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