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20 Green Home Maintenance Tips for a Fantastic Fall


Regular home maintenance is an essential part of being a home owner, and if you perform these duties regularly, they will reap long-term rewards for you as far as cost and satisfaction.  At Mosaic, we strive to bring you frequent green home maintenance tips as a handy reminder of how you can simultaneously preserve your home and help to conserve the environment.

Interior Green Home Maintenance

Ceiling Fan1.  Have a professional inspect your wood stove or fireplace to make sure it is in working order.

2.  Set ceiling fans to rotate clockwise to help bring warm air near the ceiling down.

3.  Check the insulation in your attic and add more if necessary.

4.  Wrap exposed water pipes and water heater with insulation.

5.  Install a programmable thermostat and learn how to use it.

6.  Replace your air filters to improve your indoor air quality.

7.  Make sure vents in all rooms are clear of dust and other obstructions.

8.  Install CFL or LED light bulbs as incandescent ones expire.

9.  Air seal your home.

10.  Replace worn weather stripping and caulk.

Exterior Green Home Maintenance

Raking11.  Clean your gutters and downspouts.

12.  Clean out garden beds so that they are ready for planting in the spring.

13.  Rake up leaves and compost them.

14.  Pressure wash decks, removing organic matter from the crevices.

15.  Clean and store any deck or patio furniture.

16.  Trim shrubs and trees within 3 inches of your home.

17.  Plant shade trees on the south and west sides of your home for summer shade.

18.  Plant evergreens on the north side to shield your home from winter winds.

19.  Drain and store hoses and winterize exterior water faucets.

20.  Have your lawnmower cleaned and serviced so it will be ready for spring.


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