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Weighing the Benefits of Buying a Green Home

Benefits of Buying a Green Home

Envision yourself enjoying all of the comforts of modern life: hot showers, well-lit rooms, comfortable indoor climate and more-- all accomplished with the help of the ever-expanding green technologies available to today’s homebuilding and home renovating professionals.  Do you simultaneously envision large costs coming along with this dream? Let’s dig deeper.

With rising energy costs not only looming on the horizon, but now a stark reality, the goal of purchasing a green home is on the minds of more and more buyers.  Although the cost of a green home is initially more than a conventional home, consider this:

Green Homes Will Help You Save on Utilities and Build Equity

Green HomeConservatively, the average purchaser will spend $70-$80 less per month on utilities in a green home.  Over the course of a 30-year mortgage, a person could initially pay about $12,000 more for their green home and not pay any more per month after adding together their monthly mortgage and utilities. Even better, the owner of the green home would be spending that $70-$80 per month to build equity in their home rather than to burn fossil fuels to heat, cool and power their home.

Green Homes Maintain Value Over Time

By purchasing a home made with durable materials, maintenance costs are substantially reduced.  Durable materials such as recycled steel, metal roofing and fiber cement siding have a threefold benefit.  They will save you time and money by not having to replace these parts of your home eventually.  Additionally, it will prevent items from ending up in the landfill.  The use of such durable materials helps a home to maintain its value over time as well.

Green Homes Mean Greater Health Benefits for Your Family

HERS IndexHealthy buildings help keep people who live in them healthy as well, which creates short term and long term medical savings. Green buildings usually mean healthier indoor environments. A study by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors shows that hospitals that underwent green renovations had a 21% improvement in hospital discharge rates. Also, Pennsylvania Power and Light saw a 540% return on investment from their green building upgrades due to lower absenteeism and higher productivity.

Well built green homes are comfortable and cozy throughout the coldest months of winter as well as cool and quaint during the hottest days of summer.  Its efficient envelope allows you to experience cost savings from day one.  With the ever-increasing cost of energy, buying a green home is a sustainable and smart investment.

For more information on real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at  or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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