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Mosaic Safely Adjusts to Meet Real Estate Needs During ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe' Mandate

Updated April 9th, 2020

As Asheville and Buncombe County adjust to the mandated “Stay Safe, Stay Home” local order (updated April 9), you may be wondering how to (or even if) you can successfully navigate the real estate market as a buyer or seller. Mosaic Realty has quickly calibrated operations to conform to the changing climate, for the safety of our clients, our agents and our community, while at the same time continuing to make the experience as smooth and successful as possible. Here’s what you can expect when working with us:

We will be asking all buyers and sellers to read and sign the COVID Compliant Commitment and Disclosure. Please review this document to read about the best practices we will adhere to and buyer and seller commitments.

Virtual Showing AshevilleIf you’re in the market to buy a property in Asheville:

  • Your Mosaic agent will continue to send you listings as usual, and you can let them know which ones pique your interest.
  • After letting your agent know which properties you’d like to “see,” he or she will send you any video walkthroughs that aren’t attached to the listing (agents are still working to get these done for all area properties) of those properties, along with floor plans and any other pertinent info that will help you to best experience the properties.
  • You can do a drive-by of homes you are interested in.
  • Virtual showings will be used whenever possible and can happen with livestream services such as Zoom and Face Time.
  • Real estate in Asheville has now been deemed an essential service, so we can now do in-person showings and will make every effort to adhere to CDC best practices to keep our clients, sellers and ourselves safe. For more details, see our  COVID Compliant Commitment and Disclosure.
  • If you are more comfortable with "touring" from afar, virtual showings can happen via Zoom/Face Time live-stream videos.  These are either given by the seller or the listing agent when the seller can't provide the walkthrough.
  • Once you have a property under contract, you can come inside during the inspection.

Asheville Virtual Real EstateWhat you should expect once a deal is in place:

  • Once you are under contract, we can get a home inspector in to do a general home inspection of the property, radon test and the like. Inspectors are asking that they be unaccompanied, but they can do a video call walkthrough to point out concerns with you and your agent once they are done.
  • Mosaic can execute all contract elements electronically, including signatures.
  • Your loan will most likely take longer to process; we will speak to your lender for definitive information on this.
  • It is advisable to ask for an extended due diligence period to accommodate the longer loan-processing time (length of due diligence will be primarily driven by what your lender says). A longer DD period will also allow for the possibility that the situation may improve enough to let you view the home in person before the expiration of DD or, at least, before closing.

Virtual Real Estate AshevilleIf you’re in the market to sell your Asheville property:

  • A Mosaic agent can list your property now and visit it in person, but will ask that you leave the home during the visit. You and your agent can have a conversation about the house outside of the home.
  • In-person showings to buyers or buyers’ agents can now happen, and we will make every effort to help you minimize viral exposure in your home should you decide to allow in-person showings.
  • Once you have a signed listing contract with Mosaic, your agent can have a photographer, videographer and floor plan/measuring consultant come to the property and take photos, record a video walkthrough, and create a floor plan of the property to market it in the MLS. You will be asked to leave the house while those service providers are inside.
  • Buyers' agents can do in-person showings or they may show the property to their clients via listing agent-provided video walkthroughs, photos and floor plans.
  • If you are technically proficient, you may be asked to provide a live video walkthrough for serious buyers and their agents.
  • Once we receive an offer, Mosaic will negotiate and execute contracts just as we always have, via email, phone calls and electronic signatures.
  • Once the property is under contract, the buyer can come inside the home during the inspection.
  • Mosaic will make every effort to curb viral exposure within your home, including those outlined in our COVID Compliant Commitment and Disclosure. These efforts will include: leaving all lights on and interior doors open, so there’s no need for unnecessary handling of knobs and switches; and placing small notes around your home reminding visitors not to touch surfaces unnecessarily.

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