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Rika Taylor Brings Her Caring, Compassionate Touch to Mosaic Realty

In a former life, Rika Taylor was a massage therapist. But when her first home turned out to be “a major lemon,” it led her to start thinking she could do better, and she made the jump to real estate. The switch has been a rewarding one, not only for Rika, but for her clients as well.

Rika Taylor Asheville Real Estate Mosaic

Share a bit with us about your background:

I was a massage therapist for 20 years, with several of those spent at the Grove Park Inn’s spa. Being a practitioner of the healing arts taught me how to listen to people and meet them where they’re at. Having that skillset now helps me keep everyone calm in my life as an realtor. For a lot of people, buying or selling a home can be an emotionally draining experience. So I just try to make sure that everyone involved in the transaction is treated with kindness and respect at all times.

What made you want to be a real estate broker with Mosaic?

Having lived here for the last 20 years, I was familiar with Mosaic’s reputation for not only great customer service, but for substantially giving back to the area. I loved the community feel and knowing I was joining a bunch of like-minded people. Now I feel I finally have some more time to devote to giving back, plus this great network of community-oriented folks that inspires me to do even more for this place that I love! 

Rika Taylor French Broad River

That’s great! How are you thinking about giving back to our community — can we get a preview of things to come?

Well, me, my husband, and our dogs love to hike … and kayak … and raft. We’re on the French Broad all the time. Getting out into nature is so important to keeping grounded. I want to help take care of and protect all our surrounding natural beauty by helping keep the waterways clean. I’m hoping to partner with RiverLink soon.

Any other passion projects you’d like to share?

I love travel — whether it’s with family or friends, I love learning about and experiencing new places and cultures. Among the standout trips for me are Costa Rica (there’s a reason they call themselves “the Happiest Country”), a trip to Spain with my parents, and a wonderful Greek adventure with close friends.  

Part of my love of travel is connected to another passion — food. Food is definitely one of my love languages! Dining out and cooking!

Rika Taylor WNC Mountains

What are your realty superpowers?

I’m a highly empathetic person, so I really try to treat everyone with kindness. I’m also very thorough in following up on details, and a clear communicator. It’s extremely rewarding to me to be able to help my clients achieve their realty goals, and those are the skills I think are key to that success.

Learn More About Rika and Connect With Her Here


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