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Holly Aracich: An Asheville Area Real Estate Broker with Heart and Humor

Even though she’s one of our younger agents, Holly Aracich comes to Mosaic as someone who knows what she’s about. Even a quick glance at her socials demonstrates she’s someone who brings heart, humor, and know-how to every single thing she does. We got Holly to chat recently about her background and how a longtime love of learning about people sealed the deal for her to become part of the WNC real estate community. 

Holly Aracich Asheville Real Estate Mosaic Realty

Share a bit about your background with us.

I’m originally from Central Florida, but I came here to attend Warren Wilson. I came for college and fell in love with the place! 

What made you want to be a real estate broker?

I got my realtor’s license a while back in 2008 — I was probably too young, really and just not ready for what the job entails. But the first home I bought (in Swannanoa), I renovated, and that process sparked me to get my real estate license. I held onto it while I worked in animal welfare.  I spent six years working at the Humane Alliance (spay/neuter clinic), and then had my own dog training/walking business. I then decided to go back and give real estate a shot after all those years.

I should’ve known I’d be working more with the public. Back in college, I took an Exploring Religions class and got to learn all about different people, what they believe, how it causes them to treat people, and how it leads them to live their lives. I absolutely loved it, and kept taking religion classes. When my academic advisor asked me what my plan was (with there being no religion major at the time), I made up my own and titled it “Experiential Studies of Religion and Diversity.'' I guess when you graduate with that title, you end up a Realtor!

Seriously, though, that love of learning about people is super-helpful in real estate, because you work with all types from all places! Now, I’m starting my seventh year in the industry, and that coursework is still serving me well.

Asheville Real Estate Holly Aracich

What are your passion projects/subjects?

You could probably guess — animal welfare!

What ways do you enjoy giving back to our community?

I love Mountain Area Pet Rescue (I’ve adopted two of my four dogs from this rescue) and I think I’ll always have a large pack of pups. I’ve also biked across North America (from Maine to Vancouver) with Bike and Build to raise funds for affordable housing. Whether it’s people or pups, I’ll make sure they find a home!

Asheville Area Real Estate Holly Aracich

What are your realty superpowers?

Humor, and going at life with a sense of fun. The majority of my clients have found me through Instagram, because I simply document my life, my house, and what I do for people, with fun and humor. People just seem to like going on that journey with me. I offer any potential client to meet me out for coffee and see if we’re a good fit!

Do you have certain neighborhoods/communities in which you especially love to work?

I do love modern builds — particularly in West Asheville, Olivette, and Sovereign Oaks. That blend of modern architecture and natural surroundings just draws me in!

Holly's Home in Asheville Area Real Estate

What is the most special thing about the AVL area?

I’ve been here for 22 years now and haven’t been compelled to leave and try living somewhere new, and to me that says everything. The most special thing for me is to welcome others and to show them my favorite spots.

Learn More About Holly Aracich Here


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