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We landed a new agent! Say hello to WNC Real Estate broker Travis Price

Back in 2005, Seattle native Travis Price traveled to North Carolina for work — he was in insurance back then, and had been tasked by his employer with taking over a large territory in the Southeast. The office was supposed to be centered in Charlotte, so Travis hung around the city for a couple days. Used to lots of mountain biking and rock climbing in the Pacific Northwest, he quickly found himself bored to tears, so he came over to Asheville to indulge in some quality outdoor time. That was all it took. He convinced his boss he could work just as well from Asheville as he could Charlotte, and from then on, he’s never looked back.

Travis Price Asheville Real Estate

Travis talked with us recently about being the newest Mosaican — and the only dedicated land broker at the company.

So we know the abundance of gorgeous natural spaces was the ultimate lure for you making Asheville your home. What made you want to be a real estate broker?

After 13 years of establishing and growing insurance agencies, I’d amassed really strong skills in sales, marketing and management. But the industry was mostly centered around larger cities, like Charlotte, Nashville, or Chattanooga. After moving to Asheville, I wanted something that would allow me to support myself and my family well, but that would also combine my business skills with my love for the outdoors. So I decided to try real estate. I figured I could handle rejection just fine — coming from insurance, probably better than anybody! — and at least I’d be outside, learning about my listings. I started in normal brokerage, but realized quickly I loved showing land listings best, so I just dove in. Over a few years, I was able to master various land software tools that helped me compile and analyze any data that would help my clients make decisions.

Travis Price Asheville Realtor

Ah, so you really give a specialist-level experience to your clients. We often refer to that kind of thing as having “realty superpowers” — is that the case here?

Well, I don’t want to brag, but I’ve tried really hard to outdo the competition at getting all the technical pieces — helping determine the best location for house placement, doing lot-specific mapping, identifying viewshed corridors, determining the best placement for road or driveway access, and so on. Each tract of land is like a puzzle, and I’m good at putting it all together. I’m the reconnaissance guy.

There can be a huge amount of sometimes very specific data to consider in a land deal, so my job is not only to gather and analyze that data for my clients, but to disseminate it in a way that’s still understandable. Some will be comfortable and well-versed in looking at that kind of super-technical info, but many won’t be, and I think that might be my most valuable superpower, my ability to help educate and empower my clients in making their best decisions.

Away from real estate, what are some of your other passions?

Oh, everything outdoors! Mountain biking, rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, canoeing, and swimming. I love people, but being outside, in nature, helps me recharge my batteries.

Travis Price Real Estate Land

What ways do you enjoy giving back to our community?

Even before I joined Mosaic, I participated with Manna Food Bank, Blood Connection, the Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity locally. I did set a goal for myself, which I finally achieved this year, and that was to annually sell more acreage in conservation easements than in personal/individual acreage deals. There’s a right way to develop our communities, to ensure that our growth is sustainable and fairer to all the folks in them, and that’s what I’m interested in — helping to do just that. 

Speaking of communities, do you have certain areas in which you especially love to work?

Not really. I mean, the more mountainous regions really appeal to me and I do get excited about looking in places I’m unfamiliar with (I like the exploratory part), but as long as my feet are on the ground, I enjoy it all. I guess you could say anywhere there’s a good puzzle to solve!

Travis Price Asheville NC

What is the most special thing about the AVL area?

I’m not a big city dweller, but I still love being around people, and Asheville has this small-town feel combined with city amenities; it really appeals to me. When my son was born, I couldn’t envision having him grow up in the woods! (Even though I have sometimes semi-jokingly said if it weren’t for him, I’d probably go live in the woods.) Also, I love food, and this town has a great food culture. While the never-ending changes of nature are truly awesome, we all need our social time, too. Asheville gives us the best of both worlds.

Connect with Travis at or call him at 828.242.4151

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