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Get Energized with Mosaic's Newest Broker: Lacey Power

We’re so glad you’re here at Mosaic. Can you share a little bit about your background, for the folks who don’t know you yet?

Sure! I’ve lived in Asheville for most of my adult life, but I am Black Mountain born and bred! The majority of my immediate family — and some of my extended family on my mom’s side — still live here in WNC, too. I went to Appalachian State University, where I studied psychology, after one year at UNC-Wilmington. I loved the beach, but it was too far away from home!

Mosaic broker Lacey PowerPsychology? That’s cool and probably pretty handy, too, but what made you want to be a real estate broker?

Well, to make ends meet after school, I started out doing property management in Black Mountain. I did that for about 5 years, and then after a brief break, I got into recruiting and training for a brokerage that had a property management service. As my knowledge and skillset grew, I became the executive assistant to an agent at Sotheby’s, and got licensed in 2015. Years later, when COVID hit, I figured I should take a chance at being a realtor myself. My experience as a property manager helped me know the pain and pleasure of being on the investor/owner side of things, and my psych degree had already proved invaluable for being able to really communicate with clients, so it seemed a natural progression.

Lacey Power Asheville RealtorMosaic has a longstanding culture of giving back to WNC. What’s a local nonprofit near and dear to your heart?

Oh, community involvement was what drew me to Mosaic — especially after seeing the impact of Art Walk and all the various fundraisers our agents have done in support of community nonprofits. It’s just that core value that resonates with me, and I plan on continuing to support the Children’s Well-Being League, which supports public high school students in need with monthly stipends through a completely anonymous program. I’ve been a member for a year, but I supported them long before actually joining. Now I’m hoping to ramp that support up!

Any other passion projects?

My 3-year-old! Between toddler time and work, it doesn’t leave much room for other things, but I try to get in a round of tennis here and there. It’s a great outlet for me — and a fun way to get out frustrations!

Mosaic Realty Lacey PowerWhat are some of the qualities you have that set you apart as a realtor? (We cheekily call them realty superpowers.)

Communication! For better or worse, I can truly meet clients where they are and make them feel seen and heard. Even when (or maybe especially when) it’s a difficult transaction, I’m very good at discerning clients’ needs so I can tailor an approach for them. Maybe a new homeowner needs education about the process, but an engineer might need all the technical details. I’m good at seeing what they need and providing that very thing, so that they understand the process and are confident going forward.

Hmm, maybe we should start calling you Lacey “Super” Power … Are there certain communities that bring out your best — maybe in which you feel that ability is amplified?

Not really. I mean, I live in East Asheville and know it like the back of my hand, but I love all of Buncombe County … and beyond!

Lacey Power Asheville Mosaic RealtyWhat is the MOST special thing about the Asheville area?

There’s something for everybody! Whether you’re into fine dining or cooking on a camp stove, you’ll be happy. Into music? We have that. Art? That, too! Also, there’s an overarching acceptance here that doesn’t exist in a lot of places. It’s very inclusive, no matter what your interests are!

Connect with Lacey at or 828.242.0970

Learn more: About Lacey



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