Buncombe County Schools

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Buncombe County Schools (BCS) is a K-12 public school system serving students in Buncombe County. BCS is North Carolina’s 13th largest school system and the largest district in Western North Carolina. BCS is the county’s second-largest employer, employing nearly 3,800 people. All together BCS serves over 24,000 students across 44 schools. 

Buncombe County Schools is one school system consisting of six individual districts – Roberson, North Buncombe, Owen, Reynolds, Enka, Erwin. Schools are assigned to these districts based on geography. Below you will find a list of all schools by district. Select a school to learn more. You can find out what school your children will be assigned by using the Buncombe County School School District Mapping Tool.

Buncombe County Schools’ Core Values Include:

  • Teaching the Whole Child

  • Personalizing Instruction

  • Empowering World-Class Educators

  • Encouraging Personal Growth

  • Embracing Diversity

  • Investing Purposefully

  • Collaborating & Communicating

Graduation rates for BCS students have been steadily improving since the Graduation Initiative went into effect in 2006. Since then, dropout rates have decreased 57%. For the 2015-2016 school year, the BCS graduation rate was 85.7%, more than a 15% increase from 2010. 

In 2014, BCS Student Services was awarded a $1.2 million Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Grant. This grant allowed for the implementation of a Compassionate Schools model. Through this grant, teachers were provided professional development on the impact of chronic stress on the brain and its effects on academics and behaviors as well as other initiatives. 

There are a multitude of art programs offered at BCS schools. From traditional visual arts and band to dance and musical theatre, there’s something for every student to express their artistic voice. 

There are 21 athletic sports offered at BCS high schools, and 16 sports offered at BCS middle schools. BCS sports programs are dedicated to promoting high standards of competence, character, civility, and citizenship. 

Buncombe County Schools is part of the Global Schools Network and offers study abroad programs for students, teachers, and admin in countries such as China and Denmark. In addition, to study abroad programs, there are a variety of language courses available for students. In high school, students are able to take language courses such as Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian, Spanish, and Spanish for native speakers. Spanish dual-language programs are offered starting in elementary school. 

In addition to traditional education programs, students also have access to career and technical education courses that include work-based learning, free college credit, career-oriented summer camps, and much more. 


Buncombe County Schools by District

Below are all schools in the Buncombe County Schools system sorted by district. Not sure where your kids will be enrolled?  Use the Buncombe County School School District Mapping Tool.

Enka District

Elementary Schools

Candler Elementary
Candler, NC | 828.670.5018

Hominy Valley Elementary
Candler, NC | 828.665.0619

Pisgah Elementary
Candler, NC | 828.670.5023

Sand Hill-Venable Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.670.5028

Intermediate School

Enka Intermediate
Candler, NC | 828.255.1380

Middle School

Enka Middle
Candler, NC | 828.670.5010

High School

Enka High
Candler, NC | 828.670.5000


Erwin District

Elementary Schools

Emma Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.232.4272

Johnston Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.232.4291

Leicester Elementary
Leicester, NC | 828.683.2341

West Buncombe Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.232.4282

Woodfin Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.232.4287

Intermediate School

Joe P. Eblen Intermediate
Asheville, NC| 828.255.5757

Middle School

C.A. Erwin Middle
Asheville, NC | 828.232.4264

High Schools

Clyde A. Erwin High
Asheville, NC | 828.232.4251

Martin L. Nesbitt Discovery Academy
Asheville, NC| 828.271.4521

Roberson District

Elementary Schools

Avery’s Creek Elementary
Arden, NC 28704 | 828.654.1810

Glen Arden Elementary
Arden, NC | 828.654.1800

W. W. Estes Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.654.1795

Intermediate School

Charles T. Koontz Intermediate
Asheville, NC | 828.684.1295

Middle School

Valley Springs Middle
Arden, NC | 828.654.1785

High School

T.C. Roberson High
Asheville, NC | 828.654.1765


North Buncombe District

Elementary Schools

Barnardsville Elementary
Barnardsville, NC | 828.626.2290

North Buncombe Elementary
Weaverville, NC | 828.645.6054

Weaverville Elementary
Weaverville, NC | 828.645.3127

Weaverville Primary
Weaverville, NC | 828.645.4275

Intermediate School

North Windy Ridge Intermediate
Weaverville, NC | 828.658.1892

Middle School

North Buncombe Middle
Weaverville, NC | 828.645.7944

High School

North Buncombe High
Weaverville, NC | 828.645.4221


Owen District

Elementary Schools

Black Mountain Elementary
Black Mountain, NC | 828.669.5217

Black Mountain Primary
Black Mountain, NC | 828.669.2645

W. D. Williams Elementary
Swannanoa, NC | 828.686.3856

Middle School

C.D. Owen Middle
Swannanoa, NC | 828.686.7739

High School

Charles D. Owen High
Black Mountain, NC | 828.686.3852

Specialized School

Community High School
Swannanoa, NC | 828.686.7734


Reynolds District

Elementary Schools

Charles C. Bell Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.298.3789

Fairview Elementary
Fairview, NC | 828.628.2732

Haw Creek Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.298.4022

Oakley Elementary
Asheville, NC | 828.274.7515

Middle Schools

A.C. Reynolds Middle
Asheville, NC | 828.298.7484

Cane Creek Middle
Fletcher, NC | 828.628.0824

High School

A.C. Reynolds High
Asheville, NC | 828.298.2500