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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Bill was an absolute Godsend. He guided us through every step in the process of buying our first home. He was honest, upfront, and we felt like he knew us and our desires for a house after just 5 minutes. He cared for us and really helped us walk away from a few houses that would have taken advantage of us. I honestly cannot begin to describe how much we owe to Bill. We have recommended him to all of our friends and family and refuse for them to use anyone buy Bill. He goes above and beyond his duty to make sure you find the house you want and that the process of finding that house is smooth and efficient. He is an awesome realtor and even better guy.

I give Gus the highest marks for his work selling my home in Asheville. This was a home I had purchased in 2012 using Gus as a Buyers Agent. In 2018, I had to sell the house because I had to.move to FL for personal reasons. The house had sat vacant for well over a year. Selling a house that has sat vacant for a long period of time required a realtor who is willing to go well above and beyond the "normal" work of a realtor. The time Gus expended in taking care of deferred maintenance was substantial, making certain contractors had access to the home, checking out the work, etc etc.. Gus's work in preparing the house for listing, listing the house and guiding me through the sales process was thorough, thoughtful and competent. We had a contract for sale at 98% of my asking price within a week. Gus even coordinated the packing and moving of my furniture and personal items. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Gus for going above and beyond the typical service you receive from a,realtor in selling a home.

Kelly is top notch! I can't imagine looking back on our home buying process and having anyone else in our corner. Kelly is sharp, professional and efficient. She knows the area and the Real Estate industry through and through. Kelly will not let any of the small (important) details slip through the cracks. You will not regret your choice if you choose Kelly as your Real Estate Broker.

We contacted Kelly to arrange house hunting on very short notice. We are from out of state and had very limited knowledge of the Asheville area. Our first contact was by telephone. Kelly asked detailed questions to determine our needs and preferences. Then, she sent us a list of potential properties to review before we got here, and the arranged showings. Again, this was all done with very little notice. She nailed it. We loved the first home she showed us. She was patient in spending the rest of the day with us so that we could be certain. Once we decided to put in an offer, she handled negotiations while we were at the airport. Her knowledge of local practices, procedures, and paperwork was  invaluable. We had a lot of questions; she answered them quickly. In addition, since we were not local, she assisted in setting up inspections. And although we have now closed and moved, she continues to check in on us. We are confident that if we have any questions about the area, we can rely on her advice.

Bill was great to work with finding a condo.He listened to what I wanted and really saved me from a lot of extra looking! I would highly recommend him!

It was a great experience working with Bill I tried working with another real estate agent but she didn't understand what we needed bill got it right away and found what we wanted we wanted and we love our home prices gone up $75,000 in one year thanks to him finding us the right house at the right price.

Bill worked tirelessly to determine what properties fit our parameters, offering many permutations inside a meaningful wiggle room. He also very respectfully guided me away from a double handful of properties I had no business considering for a variety of reasons. His knowledge of the greater Asheville area made all the difference to our hunt for a home here—I was but days away from giving up the hunt when I stumbled over Bill—and his patient willingness to hang on while we REALLY figured out what we needed in a home here was crucial to our eventual success.

I highly recommended him because he is really patient with me and took quite some time to find the right house for me.

My wife and I were in the market for a condo. Being from out-of-town, we didn't have a lot of time to explore the market. We were really impressed with how well Bill efforts in our search - he put together a representative range of properties (from low end to high end) that met the specifications we desired. Amazingly, Bill was able to find the perfect place for us on that same day (we made an immediate offer).

Bill was extremely organized and professional. He had an entire mapped out plan for us to view houses for sale, and had vetted them in advance of our arrival. He has followed up with us after our purchase and been great help in arranging repairs, services and vendors. We highly recommend him and will use him again ourselves.

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