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Joseph Ruiz Ukraine

This week, in response to the war in Ukraine, Asheville resident and Mosaic Realty broker Joseph Ruiz heads into the conflict zone, working with a humanitarian organization where he will be a logistician facilitating supplies and personnel into Ukraine. 

Joseph is not new to working in conflict zones, having worked with Doctors Without Borders in various parts of the world before becoming an agent with Mosaic in 2016. The war in Ukraine has called him to serve again. Keep up with Joseph’s journey and work by following Mosaic’s Facebook page, Instagram account and his blog, which will be updated when we hear from Joseph.

While Joseph is in Ukraine for a month-long tour, his fellow Mosaic brokers will provide real estate support for his clients, and they are embarking on a matching fundraising campaign to raise money for a humanitarian organization working in Ukraine. From now until April 21, Mosaic Realty brokers are matching donations to humanitarian aid organizations up to $18,000 in total community donations. 

In order for us to keep track of the amount to match, we ask that you fill out the form below to pledge your commitment, then you can make your donation to the aid organization of your choice. In alignment with Mosaic's privacy policies, all of your information will remain confidential. 

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