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Hillary Edgin

We landed a new agent! Say hello to WNC Real Estate broker Travis Price

Travis Price Asheville Real Estate

Back in 2005, Seattle native Travis Price traveled to North Carolina for work — he was in insurance back then, and had been tasked by his employer with taking over a large territory in the Southeast. The office was supposed to be centered in Charlotte, so Travis hung around the city for a couple days. Used to lots of mountain biking and rock [...]

Getting into the Swim of Things with Asheville Realtor Nicholas Butts

Nicholas Butts Asheville Realtor

It’s been said more than once that being a real estate agent is like fishing: You have to know your spots, be patient, and use the right gear to reel one in. So for fisherman Nicholas Butts, being a realtor comes naturally. Deploying those finely honed skills on a daily basis keeps him in good stead for landing the right one for his clients! [...]

Holly Aracich: An Asheville Area Real Estate Broker with Heart and Humor

Holly Aracich Asheville Real Estate Mosaic Realty

Even though she’s one of our younger agents, Holly Aracich comes to Mosaic as someone who knows what she’s about. Even a quick glance at her socials demonstrates she’s someone who brings heart, humor, and know-how to every single thing she does. We got Holly to chat recently about her background and how a longtime love of learning about [...]

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