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Creating a Home Office that Works

Home Office

Asheville draws people from all lines of work, but what makes the area especially attractive is the ease with which budding entrepreneurs can create and run a small business from home. Asheville’s supportive, nurturing environment for burgeoning business ideas means more and more people are striking out on their own, and first on their wishlist is an optimally functional home office. Whether running a business from home -- or working remotely for an employer --  setting up an office at home that really works takes a bit of forethought, but doing so promises a productive operation in the long run. Following, a few tips:

Home Office Space·        Separate work from home – Most people set up their home office in a separate room, but even a nook, a walk-in closet or corner of a larger living space can function as a small-business command station, with all your equipment, files and storage in one place. Erect a bookcase partition or high screen to set off your workspace, so you can physically AND mentally separate work from home.

·        Cut the clutter – Have only what you need, and keep it close at hand to help streamline operations, stay organized and remain focused. Having to hunt for files or supplies saps time from more pressing matters and breaks productive momentum.

·        Efficient storage – Things like floating shelves and double-duty filing cabinet “desks” (wood counters supported by two cabinets) make good, inexpensive use of tight spaces. Consider storage options that can double as bench seating or a coffee table.

·        Create a soothing space – Sure, functionality is important, but so is an inviting workspace: Add serenity with a soothing color scheme, position your desk so it faces outside and gets lots of light, place potted plants for a pop of green, or add a comfy couch for additional seating when you’re taking a call or working on your laptop. Such surroundings help to energize and inspire throughout the day.

·        Ergonomics matter – Working at a desk, even if it’s in the comfort of your home, can still take a toll on your body. Invest in a good, supportive chair; position a footrest to elevate your feet. Or consider a standing station. Take hourly breaks from the computer: focus on faraway objects to ease screen-weary eyes; stretch hands, wrists and shoulders; spend five minutes strolling around your neighborhood.

·        Go green when you’re making green – Activate power-saving features on your computer. Turn off your computer, printer and other electronic office equipment when not in use. When it’s time to trade in old equipment, don’t dump: There are many free, environmentally responsible recycling options around Asheville.

For a personally guided tour of residences featuring home-office potential, or for more information on all types of real estate in Asheville, please contact Mike Figura at or call him anytime at (828) 337-8190.

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