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Ease Environmental Impact With These Green Moving Tips

Green Moving Tips AshevilleIf you’re gearing up for a move, keeping the environment in mind is easier than you might think. The Asheville area offers plenty of resources for a green move, making the impactful life change less impactful on the environment.

Moving containers

Little things like opting for eco-friendly moving containers and supplies can cut back on excessive cardboard uses, and can greatly reduce the amount of unfriendly packing materials you might use. Substitute packing materials like plastic bubble wrap and Styrofoam packing peanuts with more eco-friendly options. You can wrap and cushion delicate items with blankets, towels, sheets or clothing.

Instead of buying a bunch of brand-new moving boxes – which usually last for a handful of uses before they need to be recycled – ask friends or local businesses if they have any you can take off their hands. The Buncombe County Transfer Station offers a free moving-box exchange: Just stop by and grab as many as you need, and when you’re done moving, you can return them to the station.

You can also repurpose as moving containers items you already own. Suitcases, laundry baskets, clean garbage bins, furniture drawers and trash bags can all pull double-duty when transporting possessions. 

Pare down with sound disposal 

Hard2Recycle EventAdditionally, finding ways to soundly dispose of hard-to-recycle items you might not want to move – think that old television, dusty, unused books, or a dilapidated table – can help reduce moving costs AND stay kind to the environment.

Asheville GreenWorks offers an easy solution with its Hard 2 Recycle events. Hard 2 Recycle aims to collect and divert items that would otherwise end up crowding a landfill. In 2021, GreenWorks will be hosting 6 Hard 2 Recycle events, 2 in Henderson County and 4 in Buncombe County. At these events, they will accept electronics, appliances, styrofoam, books, batteries, and more for recycling. Their updated list of items can be found here:

Finding the next Hard 2 Recycle event is simple; just visit for a schedule, along with which items will be accepted at the upcoming event.

Donate or sell

During a move, a lot of food and other household items are often thrown out. While some perishables do need to be disposed of, things like cleaning products, health and beauty items, canned foods and other unopened, shelf-stable goods can be donated to those in need. Asheville-area organizations that accept such donations include MANNA FoodBank and Homeward Bound of WNC.

If you’re looking to clear furniture and personal item clutter, consider holding a garage sale. Not only will you save on moving unwanted possessions, you’ll keep such items out of landfills. Whatever you don’t sell can be donated to Asheville organizations for resale. Asheville Habitat for Humanity ReStore, B.E.A.R. Closet and Asheville Humane Thrift Store are a few spots that accept donated home items. 

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