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Realtor Caley Bowman Talks Urban and Outdoor Adventure in Asheville

Caley Bowman Asheville Real Estate AgentMosaic agent Caley Bowman has done it all – zipline tour guide, filmmaker, bartender – and always she’s done it with a sense of adventure. It’s here in Asheville that Bowman has found fulfillment for her thrill-seeking spirit, integrating nearby adventure – both urban and natural – into everyday life. And she revels in helping clients do the same, pinpointing homes near city conveniences, nestled in neighborhoods just a short jaunt from big outdoor adventure.

Talk a little about your background, both personal and professional. What brought you to Asheville, and what drew you into real estate? 

My husband and I are both thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. We lived in California working at a zipline canopy tour company, which we loved, but when we were expecting our first child, we knew we needed to get back to our N.C. roots (I grew up in Chapel Hill—Go Heels!). That’s when I decided to make the career switch into real estate. It seemed like a way I could use so much of my previous work experience (which includes corporate marketing, bartending, digital film making—I’m a jack of all trades!) while being my own boss and setting my own hours, which was important to me as a new mom. It was a great decision and has been a really fulfilling career so far. 

Mosaic’s catchy branding and marketing are what first attracted me to the firm, but after meeting our Broker-in-Charge and learning how much of an emphasis the firm placed on supporting the local community, I was sold. I really value authenticity and uniqueness (as do most people in Asheville, I think). So, that’s why I joined Mosaic. 

Realtor Caley Bowman Asheville HomesWhat makes Asheville unique in terms of outdoor opportunities, both in town and in the surrounding region? 

My mom likes to say, “The Rocky Mountains will amaze you but the Appalachians will embrace you.” I find that so true. They may not be the tallest peaks, but the Blue Ridge Mountains are so accessible, especially from Asheville, and they are just absolutely stunning to experience. 

The area’s lush bio-diverse environment provides for some of the best and most explorable terrain there is. There are so many amazing waterfalls to hike to, rivers to raft/fish, ridges to traverse, peaks to summit, all within close proximity. I can be showing houses in the morning, mountain biking through Bent Creek Experimental Forest midday, and picking the kids up from school in the city in the early afternoon. 

There are also so many incredible camping spots, which we love to take advantage of. I camped a lot growing up, and I think that instilled a love and appreciation for the simplicity of just being outside. Hopefully, we’re passing that on to our kids. 

This is the land of endless outdoor adventure opportunities. Oh, and if you have a dog, you’re in luck because it’s a dog’s paradise. I’d say our pup stays pretty happy with regular hikes and bi-weekly trips to the local disc golf course with my husband. Asheville is very dog-friendly! 

Realtor Caley Bowman discusses walkable and bikeable Asheville

What are some walkable and bikeable Asheville neighborhoods, and how do you and your family take advantage of them? 

There are several neighborhoods that are walkable/bikeable to Downtown Asheville. Just north of town, Montford, Five Points, UNCA and the Charlotte Street neighborhoods are often my areas of focus since I reside in Montford. UNCA has an amazing farmer’s market on Saturdays and we can hop on bikes with the kids to get there. It’s so nice to not always have to rely on the use of a car to get around for basics like grocery shopping, meeting friends at breweries, community events, etc. Sometimes we leave the bikes behind and just walk. Being able to walk home from downtown after a great dinner at one of the bazillion delicious restaurants is simply the best! 

Caley Bowman Asheville NC RealtorSome other great walkable/bikeable neighborhoods are Grove Park, Kenilworth, South Slope/South French Broad, RAD, and, of course, West Asheville, where they have their own unique “downtown” on Haywood Road. Don’t even get me started on all those restaurants. So many good options!! 

How does your love of outdoor adventure, both in town and in nature, influence your approach as a broker in Asheville? 

I think a lot of people move here for the same reasons I did—a love of nature blended with a desire for city culture. That makes it easy to connect with them. I think my clients often feel relaxed when I show up at their house with my mountain bike on the back of my car or on foot to a showing. Connecting with all types of people brings me a lot of joy in life, and most of my clients remain friends long after the closing date. That’s not to say there’s not a lot of work and real estate talk in between all of that! 

Mosaic’s Caley Bowman on staying active in Asheville

What are your other passions, especially as they relate to Asheville? 

Caley Bowman Adventure Seeker RealtorStaying active and supporting others in staying active is important to me. I love to mountain bike, ski, run, hike and do yoga. I also recently started dabbling in Cyclocross. Asheville has some great options for people that want to be adventurous and social. There are weekly mountain bike (and road bike!) group rides open to all levels. There’s a ski program in the winter at Cataloochee Ski Resort called Women on Wednesdays for women who love to ski to get together and work on their skills. I’ve met many new friends (and clients!) that way. 

The city also has great programs to help kids stay active. My kids go to a mountain bike club at Kolo Bike Park. They also participate in the local youth soccer, baseball and tennis programs. There are also several year-round pools here (one with a retractable roof) that offer year-round swim team! We keep them busy and love how Asheville offers so many options for them in well-organized leagues. 

Supporting local artists and business owners is very important to me. Asheville is a place where entrepreneurs thrive. I love watching people succeed here with all their creative ideas. These unique offerings make Asheville so special—and a great place to live and thrive. 

How does your outdoor expertise help you to stand out as a broker in Asheville?

Because my family and I take full advantage of outdoor opportunities around the area, both urban and natural, I have years of experience and knowledge on how best to easily and seamlessly pursue both from an Asheville base. And I love imparting that knowledge to my clients. A home that allows for quick access to urban amenities as well as amazing outdoor adventure is something people are sometimes surprised exists, especially if they’re moving here from elsewhere. But I can help them find just that. And when my clients are able to feed their inner adventurer the way I have by living here, it makes my job all the more fulfilling.

Connect with Caley at or 828-545-5067

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