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Maximize Storage Space in Your Home

Home Storage SolutionsFinding storage solutions for your home is easier than you might expect. Thinking outside the box will allow you to utilize novel spaces for keeping things tucked away, with easy access for the items you use most. And in the end, efficient storage saves you time looking for things, and cuts costs by preventing purchases of items you didn’t know you already had. Start with these handy tips for creating more storage in your home. 

(Under)-utilized spaces – Those often-forgotten spots below beds or benches are perfect for tucking away all sorts of items. Think lidded, shallow bins for underneath beds, or baskets for below benches. Or look for furniture that does double-duty, such as storage ottomans for keeping extra blankets, or storage coffee tables to house things like board games, remote controls and other living-room accessories.

Climb the walls – Cabinets and bookcases are great for storing items, but they can sometimes be cumbersome, taking up precious floor space. By using floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinetry, you can have storage for books or electronics and still keep your floors free for use. Consider hanging shelves above your couch (making sure to allow for headroom!) or above a fireplace, or in an entryway to keep keys, cell phones or other daily necessities handy when you’re heading out the door. You can create a shoe storage solution in a coat closet by attaching long, shallow wire shelves up one side of the closet wall.

Asheville Home Storage ShelvesLook up – We all have those high, hard-to-access closet shelves; these are great for storage, but make sure you’re not using these spaces for heavy items or anything you might need to access regularly. Using labeled plastic bins in these spaces can be very helpful, so you can clearly see what’s stored there without necessarily needing to retrieve them. Store things like off-season clothing and bedding in these spots.

Open some new doors – Over-the-door storage options are often overlooked, but they afford countless opportunities for keeping things like shoes, bathroom accessories and children’s toys accessible yet out of the way. Most hook easily over the door – no nails required – and are relatively inexpensive.

Cut clutter – Finally, the easiest and cheapest way to maximize storage space is to get rid of the things you don’t need, leaving more room for the things you do. If you haven’t used or worn items in awhile, or you have multiples, now would be a good time to donate or consign them.

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