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Get the Best Return on Investment With These Outdoor Home Projects

Outdoor Home Projects that Add ValueWhen making improvements to your Asheville home, it’s important to consider your return on investment. Will the things you add or change be worth the cost, either in energy savings or in added value to your home? Outdoor home projects, in particular, can be an easy way to add value without breaking the bank. Here are some things you can improve about your home’s exterior and landscaping that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Entertainment spaces

Enjoying the outdoors with family and friends is one of the benefits of living in Asheville’s temperate climate. That’s why adding a patio – think stone or brick for longevity and minimal maintenance – or wood porch can boost quality of life as well as home value. Consider including a fire pit for chilly evenings, or take the idea of outdoor entertainment spaces one step further and install a kitchen, complete with gas grill or cooking area and sink. Creating outdoor entertainment spaces allows you to extend your home’s usable space, an attractive addition with a good return on investment when the time comes to sell.

Landscaping upgrades

Good landscaping can be a relatively inexpensive way to boost your home’s value, as well as cut maintenance and energy costs. Placing fast-growing trees in strategic locations in your yard can produce home-cooling shade. Planting perennials, native plants, and quick-spreading groundcover will create an easy-care yard that often doesn’t require as much watering, and can ease erosion. And of course, landscaping adds to curb appeal, boosting your home in the eyes of potential homebuyers.

Yard Projects with Good ROIPrivacy screening is another relatively inexpensive upgrade to add to your yard: Anything from traditional wooden fencing to evergreen trees and tall shrubs will do the trick, creating separation while also adding beauty to your yard. Installing outdoor lighting, for safety or to spotlight particular features in your yard, is another easy and inexpensive way to increase value.

Exterior upkeep

As your home ages, various exterior components will need to be replaced, either for aesthetic reasons or for practical purposes. Upgrading shutters, switching out front doors or garage doors, or sprucing up your home’s exterior with a pressure wash or a paint job are all things that will surely reap a return on investment. If you have a bit more money to invest, consider switching from a wood exterior to a more durable siding: You’ll recoup the costs in the long-term, with less maintenance over time, and increased home value.

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