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​​These Storage Solutions Make the Most of Your Home's Space

Built in Storage Organized HomeCreating storage solutions for your home is important for both efficiency and aesthetics. Thinking outside the box will allow you to utilize novel spaces, create built-ins, and incorporate dual-purpose furniture to keep things tucked away, with easy access for the items you use most. And in the end, organized storage helps you to wrangle clutter, saves you time looking for things, and can add to the beauty of your home. Start with these handy tips for creating more storage in your home. 

Built-ins – Permanently incorporating shelving, cabinets and the like into underutilized spots throughout your house is a great way to create added storage – and added value – to your home. For instance, an alcove is the ideal spot for integrating a built-in desk, either traditional seated, or standing, with room for drawers and shelves. Under-window cabinetry takes unused space and turns it practical, at the same time creating the opportunity for an interesting focal point. And a built-in mudroom bench with storage is the perfect place to corral backpacks, shoes, umbrellas and other grab-and-go items.

Bathroom – Smart storage solutions are often necessary in the bathroom, where toiletries, towels and other personal items can easily accumulate. Such things as tower rolling carts and slim bathroom stands take advantage of the typically unusable space between toilets and vanities. Maximize more of your unused wall space by mounting towel racks that incorporate shelves or cubbies. More involved storage solutions can involve such things as mounting recessed mirrored medicine cabinets, or adding storage drawers under sinks (designs can even work around pipes). 

Garden Shed StorageGarage, shed and workshop – These spots are magnets for clutter, but a few simple storage ideas can keep things under control. Peg board storage is one way to both utilize wall space and keep the items you use the most at arm’s reach. Hooks, shelves, shallow drawers and small bins easily attach to the boards; often you can find complete peg board kits with all of the storage components included. Attach weight-bearing hooks or track systems high up on walls to store shovels, rakes and other awkwardly shaped items. Large, sturdy wall hooks are also useful for bulky items such as folded camping chairs, umbrellas, bikes, extension cords and hoses. Vertical shelves, especially on wheels, help to keep things organized but easily moveable.

Closets – Shelving in closets often stops short of utilizing all the wall space. If this is the case in your closets, adding shelves all the way up can give you the perfect storage solution for boxes or items you may not need to access as often (think off-season clothes, holiday décor and the like). If you plan to store items in boxes, implement clear containers so you can easily see what’s inside without having to bring them out and open them. Baskets, rolling carts, and over-the-door racks can work in everything from bedroom closets to kitchen pantries, maximizing space while at the same thing making things accessible.

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