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Mosaic Marks Third Year of Reducing Carbon Footprint With Appalachian Offsets

Mosaic Realty Appalachian OffsetsSupporting green initiatives around Asheville as part of the movement toward a healthier planet, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty is proud to reduce its carbon footprint for a third year in a row by participating in the Appalachian Offsets program. An initiative from the Green Built Alliance, Appalachian Offsets offers carbon offsets to fund projects that cut carbon-dioxide pollution.

Carbon offsets are pollution equivalents that can be purchased to help pay for a renewable energy project, an energy-efficiency upgrade, or the like. So, for example, if a participant purchases two tons of carbon offsets, that money would go to fund a project that either reduces carbon-dioxide production by two tons, or removes two tons of carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon offsetting is a long-lasting tool that aids the environment as well as the community.

How Asheville organizations benefit from Appalachian Offsets

An initiative from the Green Built Alliance, Appalachian Offsets allows Asheville residents and businesses to offset their carbon footprint while at the same time helping local schools, non-profits, and other area organizations. The steps to reducing carbon footprints are simple: First, calculate the carbon footprint, then make a (tax-deductible) donation to Appalachian Offsets to offset that footprint, at a rate of $20 per ton. The funds are then matched with an area school, non-profit, or other community organization to pay for an energy-efficiency project. 

Mosaic Realty Green HomesContributions to Appalachian Offsets directly improve the Asheville community by making possible a local clean-energy project for a school, nonprofit or affordable housing provider. Projects include solar-energy installations, energy-efficiency lighting retrofits, and water-conservation upgrades. 

Mosaic supports West Asheville project

With Mosaic’s support, installation has recently been completed on an 8.6KW solar array at St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church’s fellowship hall, which provides space for classes and community events in West Asheville’s historic Burton Street neighborhood. Appalachian Offsets will next be turning its sights to a large project in collaboration with United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County. 

To learn more about how Mosaic helps to build and support the Asheville community through green initiatives and beyond, visit For more information on Appalachian Offsets, go to

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