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Smart Home Devices Deliver on Ease, Efficiency and Safety

Smart Home DevicesSmart home devices are constantly evolving to make your home safer, cleaner and more efficient, and some can even help you save money. Almost every home device comes in a smart version, and most of them connect to the Internet so they can be controlled from apps on a mobile device; these companion apps also support scheduling, so devices can be programmed to perform certain actions at specified times. To make things even easier, most work with voice control. Following are some of the latest smart home devices to check out.

Home security

A well-lighted yard and outdoor security cameras can help keep you and your family safer in your home. Many outdoor smart lights can be configured into a motion-based network, with various components including spotlights, step lights and floodlights. Many smart outdoor security cameras also incorporate motion-triggered lighting; the latest camera technology provides high-resolution, motion-triggered, color night vision video delivered to mobile devices. Video doorbells let you see and speak to whoever might approach your door, and also record footage, all delivered to a mobile device.

Household ease and efficiency

Smart devices in the home serve to make day-to-day chores and activities infinitely easier. A smart speaker is a good place to start, as it can allow you to streamline operations or control any connected home gadgets simply by voice. Through these devices, you can do everything from play music through smart speakers to control connected lighting and thermostats to raise or lower window shades. 

If you’re looking to upgrade major kitchen appliances, there are now smart ovens that can be controlled and monitored from mobile devices; some even feature built-in cameras that allow the user to watch food cooking from a smartphone. Certain smart refrigerators will open doors with voice command.

Smart vacuums and mops make quick business of home tidying, with the latest versions working quickly and efficiently, rarely getting stuck. Smart mowers have perfected their sensors to more easily detect obstacles, and to automatically return to their bases if they sense rain or need a recharge.

Luxurious upgrades

Smart devices can also add a level of luxury to your living space. Some of the newest advances include smart bathtubs: Simple voice commands to a smart speaker or a few taps on an app can result in a perfectly drawn bath, to your personalized depth and temperature. Smart toilets boast a number of innovative features, including hands-free opening and closing, night lights, heated seats, self-cleaning functions, and even emergency settings that allow flushing during a power outage. 

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