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Getting into the Swim of Things with Asheville Realtor Nicholas Butts

It’s been said more than once that being a real estate agent is like fishing: You have to know your spots, be patient, and use the right gear to reel one in. So for fisherman Nicholas Butts, being a realtor comes naturally. Deploying those finely honed skills on a daily basis keeps him in good stead for landing the right one for his clients! Read on to find out more about Nicholas and how he’s settling in with all the other realty anglers here at Mosaic. 

Nicholas Butts Asheville Realtor

Share a bit about your background with us:

Like many of the folks here, I started out in another business. I went to UNC Chapel Hill for my degree in Industrial Resources, which is human relations work. After college I moved between Wilmington, NC, and Wyoming while working at family friend’s ranch. In 1995 I moved to Asheville for my second degree in natural resources management. Afterward, I worked for the Southern Appalachian Highland Conservancy (SAHC), but moved away from nonprofit organizations for steadier income opportunities. In 2001, I started working with local businesses Audio Incorporated and Security Incorporated, and just kept buying in. Now I’m the majority owner of both with my business partner.

What made you want to be a real estate broker?

Well, my wife and I have owned several investment properties and flipped a few houses. I guess I kind of got into real estate that way, by wanting to learn how to market the properties we had. Also, as I’ve gotten older, I thought it would be a nice way to continue to be active and maintain a social working role even after I hit retirement age. I’ve got a ways to go on that front, though!

Nicholas Butts Asheville Mosaic Realty

What are your passion projects/subjects?

We, as a family travel as much as possible, and my wife and I take advantage of the great music in the area going to see as many shows as our schedule allows. And I go bass fishing as often as humanly possible. Let’s just say the rods and the backpack are always in my car, ready to go! 

Also, my son is a sophomore and a baseball pitcher, so we’re always at a game. The spring season is just finished, and now we’ll be heading into the summer travel season for his team soon.

What ways do you enjoy giving back to our community?

We are avid supporters of the Asheville Art Museum. My Mom was always extremely active with the St. John’s Museum (later becoming the Cameron Museum) in Wilmington, and I got into it there, so of course it just makes sense to continue that type of support here as well. 

We’re regularly part of Dining Out for Life, and we love supporting friends who boost up other orgs, too. We’re all about building and adding to Asheville’s community-supporting network any way we can.

Asheville Realtor Nicholas Butts

What are your realty superpowers?

Through Audio Inc. and Security Inc, I built up a tremendous knowledge of the area, and I couple that with an ability to connect and build a genuine rapport with people quickly. I’m quick to find commonalities, and I suppose that goes back to when I was a kid and moved around a lot because my dad was in the Air Force. You learn to ingratiate yourself and fit in quickly.

Do you have certain neighborhoods/communities in which you especially love to work?

I'm just a fan of Asheville in general! Seriously. But I have to admit that downtown Marshall is a pretty fabulous little area now, too. As Asheville grows, the “bedroom communities” will, too, so it’s always fun to see what comes next.

What is the most special thing about the AVL area?

It’s a great place for variety! We have all kinds of different folks, food, art, music — there really is something for everybody. Whether you’re into being on the water or outdoors taking a hike, we’ve got it. There’s good healthcare, good weather, and just a multitude of opportunities on all levels! 

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